Hurricane Sandy; Delibertly Designed To Interfer With The Presidential Elections? You Decide

Landfall of the weakening hurricane Sandy is less than three days out. I am underneath a lot of chemtrails this day, underneath the KEY portion of this Franken-Storm. So I am privy to the cold portion of this mess that will fold Sand back on land Monday creating a massive atmospheric Gyre.

What is different from yesterday’s model forecast is that landfall is farther to the south, over New Jersey maybe even southern New Jersey with a slow progression over the ensuing 36 hours into northern Appalachia.

At the 9:00 mark we see the chemtrails over the West highlighting where the engineering is accentuating the, digging to the south, resulting in a landfall over Jersey versus NYC.

Will Sandy also bring the Northeast a big snowfall? This is very possible!

At 15:15 I look at the odd geometry embedded in Sandy, it is the managing of this geometry that enable the weather makers their power over the weather, and the chemtrails are used to keep track of all of this geometry in alignment with their goals.

Comments from folks like you

“I’m from Victoria, BC and i can confirm that there has been crazy spraying here earlier on in the week. I actually started to notice these in the summer and that’s when my re-search started. This past week, they would always seem to do the most spraying in the morning shortly after sunset, first thing i would do when i exited the house to get in the car for work was look at the sky and who was i kidding? There they were.

What are these crooks planning to achieve with a disaster like this?”

“Is this possibly the October surprise we have been waiting for and has it been engineered in an attempt to stop the election process? You think downed lines, no elec in many effected areas for weeks etc…. could this be a reason to declare martial law so there will be no final election??? I sure hope not!

“This is why all the chemtrailing out over Aleutian Islands then was a signal (to me at least) that the project path of Sandy was going to have to be changed. That engineering way out in the Pacific accentuated this trough of low pressure that recaptured Sandy and allowed her to become what is is today. That Pacific energy is about to encounter Sandy tonight/tomorrow (Monday 29 Oct) and turn her into this extra-tropical bomb.”


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