Morgellons Disease Conquered – Why Are You Still Suffering?

Morgellons disease is a much-debated condition

Doctors often think patients are faking or hallucinating because the illness is not listed in their reference books.  It is purely self-diagnosed when people match their symptoms to the descriptions of other Morgellons sufferers.  However, this could be starting to change.  The Center for Disease Control and Prevention, or CDC, is studying self-reported Morgellons patients in Northern California, one of the more concentrated patient areas.  They are attempting to determine the causes of the condition, its symptoms, and effective treatments in an attempt to get the Morgellons disease conquered once and for all.

Patients with this horrible condition suffer from painful and itchy open sores with strange fibers protruding from them.  These fibers are most often white or black, but have been reported as green, blue, black, and red.  Some even glow fluorescently.  Besides these unusual fibers, the other very distinctive characteristic is a sensation of tiny animals or worms crawling, biting, stinging, and scratching inside the skin.  Patients also report additional symptoms, like joint and muscle pain, fatigue, memory loss, lack of mental clarity, changes in vision, and behavioral disorders, such as Attention Deficit Disorder, Bipolar Disorder, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, and psychosis.  Some patients report the symptoms of Morgellons disease conquered by a breakthrough natural mineral supplement, though most doctors would start by trying antibiotics. Antibiotics never work.

Doctors often misdiagnose Morgellons as Delusional Parasitosis.  Patients are frustrated and even more discouraged as doctors disregard their symptoms.  Suffering with these symptoms, patients are often ostracized.  This social rejection along with the suffering can cause them to become depressed and even suicidal, just like 30 years ago when people presented with AIDS and HIV.  When offered a chance to have their Morgellons disease conquered, they will jump at it.  Though many solutions have been tried, often patients feel even more disheartened as doctor after doctor does not understand and prescriptions do no good.  Some patients have found relief for their symptoms using a specific breakthrough colloidal silver suspension which promises to eliminate Morgellons symptoms allowing the sufferer to regain their former lives.

Though the disease is not understood, it is recorded as early as the 1600’s and was quite common in some areas of France in the 1700’s.  Primarily considered a disease of children and women then, today it can occur in men, women, children, and even pets.  Morgellons is NOT an infectious condition, yet entire families contract it.  The Morgellons Research Foundation has over 14,000 self-reporting families with Morgellons in the United States.  They are working toward understanding Morgellons Disease, but not looking for anything to relieve Morgellons sufferers.

Many Morgellons sufferers have found relief when NutraSilver is used. They state that;

  • The lesions begin to heal after a week
  • The sores usually dry and fall off completely within three weeks
  • The bouts of stinging and biting sensations that plague sufferers are reduced or disappear altogether
  • The severe cognitive issues generally resolve in about two weeks.
  • When taken as suggested, these fortunate Morgellons sufferers actually get their lives back; their energy returns, their brain-fog reduces and they begin to feel like themselves again.

For more information on NutraSilver and a way out of this horrific nightmare,  your search is over.


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I am the CareMan, have been for 7 years now. I really do care about YOU and getting YOU back to great, natural health, so long as you have an open mind.

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