Nature’s Best Kept Secret: An incredible Antibiotic Provided by God!

One of the best kept secrets in modern medicine, is the remarkable antibiotic characteristics of silver. Silver has been used as a medicine and preservative by many cultures throughout history dating back to the ancient Greeks who stored their drinking liquids in silver-laden vessels to prevent spoilage and contamination.

Even early pioneers trekking across the wilderness of America placed silver coins in their water barrels and milk containers to protect them from bacteria and algae.

Practically everyone who reads these words had a silver solution placed in their eyes soon after birth to prevent any type of secondary infection, including gonorrhea infections of the eyes. This practice began with the German Obstetrician Dr. K.S. F. Crede in 1884 at his university clinic in Leipsige. Now, the application of these silver droplets is required by law in the United States, Canada, Norway and Denmark.


Silver even protected the wealthy aristocrats of Europe from the devastation of the Bubonic Plague during the Middle Ages. Unwittingly, the “blue bloods” as they became known, drank liquids from silver vessels and thereby protected themselves from the diseases that killed multitudes.

You have probably heard the phrase – “born with a silver spoon in his mouth.” During the times when the plagues ravaged Europe, mothers knew that putting a silver spoon in an infants’ mouth could ward off the killer diseases. Interestingly enough, in early nineteenth century America, silver baby pacifies were commonly used to give added protection to newborns!


The late Dr. Carl Moyer, chairman of Washington University’s Department of Surgery, received a grant to develop better treatments for burn victims. Dr. Harry Margraf of St. Louis, as the chief biochemist, worked with Dr. Moyer and other surgeons to find an antiseptic strong enough, yet safe to use over larger areas of the body. Dr. Margraf reviewed 22 antiseptic compounds but found toxicity in every one of them. One, in particular, mercury, was extremely effective but highly toxic. His conclusions were that popular medical antiseptics could only be used in small areas of the body due to their high toxicity.

Dr. Moyer noted that many of these antibiotics were ineffective against a number of harmful bacteria, including the biggest killer in burn cases – a greenish blue bacterium called Pseudomonas acruginose. UCLA medical lab researchers found silver to be effective on every virus they tested it on including Pseudomonas acruginose . [our lab test showed the exact same results]

As a result of their extensive research, silver in colloidal form is now used in the majority of all major burn centers in the United States. Silver ointment is also commonly prescribed by doctors for major and minor burns and can be obtained at most drug stores.


In the early 1900’s the antibacterial solution Colloidal Silver was the choice of medical practitioners. It proved to be enormously effective against infectious organisms and extremely safe to use, without the negative side effects associated with drugs.

In 1917, Dr. Malcom Morris reported that silver would rapidly subdue the inflammation of an enlarged prostate or an infected bladder or hemorrhoids. In the same year, Dr. Alfred Searle demonstrated that colloidal silver was extremely deadly to parasites and bacteria but had no toxicity to the host animal, including humans.

Up until the beginning the World War II, Colloidal Silver became widely used in medicine as one of the main-stays of antimicrobial treatment, until money became an issue. As Colloidal Silver became increasingly expensive and the pharmaceutical companies developed antibiotics as we know them today, silver took a back seat to drugs and manufactured antibiotics. However, as usual, when we deviate from nature, unforeseen problems began to develop. Forty years after the advent of antibiotics, many types of disease-causing organisms had built immunity to the action of the antibiotics.

Fortunately, the timely re-emergence of Colloidal Silver due to new technology and much reduced cost in production, may prove to be one of the best remedies that the public now has to protect themselves.

With the growing threat of bio-terrorism, every family should have the capability of producing this inexpensive antibiotic that has been proven effective against killers such as anthrax and bubonic plague.

Colloidal Silver is a tasteless, odorless, non-toxic, pure, natural substance consisting of sub-microscopic clusters of silver particles, suspended by a tiny electric charge placed on each particle, within a suitable liquid. The molecule’s size usually ranges from 0.01 to about 0.001 micron in diameter (very small). The particles do not settle but remain suspended since the electric charge exerts more force than gravity on each particle. Colloidal is the form of choice since the body must convert a crystalline solution to colloidal before it can be used. Taken in moderation, it is a powerful adjunct to our immune systems, by killing harmful disease-causing organisms, and aids healing.


It should be noted that the use of Colloidal Silver as an antibiotic has its critics. It cannot be registered as a pharmaceutical drug or patented because it is found freely in nature instead of being manufactured and classified as a synthetic drug.

The pharmaceutical industry has made every effort to debunk the effectiveness of Colloidal Silver in fighting sickness. The fact is, the wide knowledge of this remarkable and natural antibiotic has the potential of eroding the profits of the massive drug industry. Acceptance by the Food and Drug Administration requires at least ten years of documented research and costs over 100 million dollars. Thus, the healing wonders of Colloidal Silver remain virtually unknown to the multitudes, and is passed on from person to person.

Proponents of pharmaceuticals have attempted to debunk the use of Colloidal Silver based on a fraudulent claim that Colloidal Silver can cause Argyria, a rare condition that results in a bluish/grey tinting of the skin. What these debunkers fail to mention is that all known cases of Argyria are due to long-term exposure and systemic absorption of large amounts of silver compounds, usually in the form of silver salts. Colloidal silver is silver in its elemental form. The body does not store excess elemental silver, but rather eliminates it, as with other heavy meals. In a special report written by Dr. Alex Duarte, he notes that no cases of argyria have ever been produced by Colloidal Silver because the particles are simply too small.


Over the years, the medical establishment has reported on the new strains of “Super Bugs” that cannot be destroyed by antibiotics. Newsweek Magazine reported in March 28, 1994, that in 1992, 13,000 hospital patients died of infections that resisted every drug that the doctors tried.

It is also a well known fact that the use of antibiotics have detrimental effects on the naturally occurring and necessary bacteria in the colon. Used in moderation, Colloidal Silver does not disturb this very necessary environment of healthy bacteria. If prolonged application of Colloidal Silver is required in extreme medical cases, daily consumption of Lactobacillus acidophilus or yogurt is recommended to overcome the loss of any friendly intestinal bacteria.


Colloidal Silver is finding remarkable new uses in modern medicine . . . perhaps it will one day be recognized as “one of our mightiest germ fighters” according to Science Digest, March 1978. Silver is considered to be one of the most universal antibiotic substances known to man. Jim Powell reported in the Science Digest article quoted above, that an antibiotic kills perhaps 7 different disease organisms, but silver has been found effective in killing some 650 strains of harmful bacteria. Powell also reported that resistant strains of bacteria fail to develop from the use of Colloidal Silver. Moreover, Colloidal Silver used in moderation is totally non-toxic!

By 1978, silver was shown to kill syphilis and malaria. In an interesting demonstration, swimming pool water was contaminated with 50 gallons of raw sewage that had been flushed through silver electrodes. When the water was tested there was no living E. coli bacteria left!


Silver and all vital minerals required for good health are obtained from foods we eat. These nutrients come directly from organic soil containing living organisms. These organisms assist in making the minerals available to the vegetation and ultimately to our bodies. God, in His infinite knowledge, created the human body with the ability of defending itself against harmful bacteria. The complexity and wonder of the immune system is just now becoming understood. The fact is, any disease reveals the breakdown of the immune system. If the body has the nutrients (including silver) that it requires for good health, the immune system can recognize harmful bacteria and destroy it. However, if we eat fruit and vegetables grown on chemical fertilizers, as most plants are grown today, we do not get the necessary quantity of vitamins, minerals and trace elements which occur in organically grown foods.

To compound the problem, modern harvesting and transporting of food great distances, requires that fruits and vegetables be picked green. And to make a bad situation even worse, the foods are subjected to preservatives which are toxic to the human body. We cannot help but wonder if Jesus’ prediction of “famines and pestilences” was directed toward our modern society that is literally destroying itself through harmful farming techniques. The growth of chronic diseases in the modern world should alert us that something terribly wrong is occurring.

We are becoming an increasingly sick society because we fail to follow Biblical mandates to let the soil rest every seven years. The foods we all consume are literally destroying our immune systems. The results are chronic diseases and early aging.

In an article printed in the Denver Post on Tuesday, March 4, 2008, this startling headline attracted much attention – “Cases of Immune Diseases Take Off.” The article went on to report – “First, asthma cases shot up, along with hay fever and other common allergic reactions, such as eczema. Then pediatrician started seeing more children with food allergies. Now experts are increasingly convinced that a suspected jump in lupus, multiple sclerosis and other afflictions caused by misfiring immune systems is real.”

Some Biochemists suspect that a silver deficiency is possibly one of the main reasons cancer exists and is increasing at such a rapid rate today. Dr. Bjorn Nordstrom of the Karolinska Institute, Sweden, has used silver in his cancer treatment for many years. He says it has brought on rapid remission in many patients whom other doctors had given up on.

A relatively new study called “glycobiology” is also being recognized by many researchers and doctors. It has been shown that the healthy immune system consists of glyconutrients that are now missing in our modern diet. The leading research is being conducted by a nutritional supplement company based in Coppel, Texas. Mannatech offers the public a number of glyconutritional products including their patented “Ambrotose” which supports and rebuilds the cell-to-cell communication system which is so vital to the immune system.

Colloidal Silver can promote healing as it kills enemy bacteria that is constantly invading and threatening the human body. It is like receiving an artificial immune system until ours is strong enough to do the job. To sustain and rebuild the immune system, this author strongly recommends the supplementation of glyconutrients.


According to medical journals from around the world, Colloidal Silver disables the particular enzyme that all one-celled bacteria, fungi and viruses use for their oxygen metabolism. Colloidal Silver co-mingles with the blood and enters the cells to seek out and destroy harmful organisms. It suffocates them in six minutes or less, after initial contact. This phenomenon was recently demonstrated in tests at UCLA Medical Lab. Trace amounts of Colloidal Silver were shown to protect and strengthen the immune system.

Sportsmen have long used carbon water filters that consist of a silver screen filter that purifies drinking water. Colloidal Silver can also kill harmful bacteria in drinking water. A teaspoon of Colloidal Silver added per gallon of questionable water and shaken, has been shown to be safe to drink after about six minutes.


In a special report written by Dr. Alex Duarte, he cited the following uses for Colloidal Silver:

External Infections: eye, ear, nose and throat infections, dental infections, sinus infections, poison oak, poison ivy, rashes, burns, cuts, bites, athletes foot, fungal infections (including athlete’s foot), acne, diabetic ulcers, and bed sores.

Internal Infections: common cold, allergy, Asthma, Bronchitis, Pneumonia, fevers, Herpes infections, Hepatitis, Epstein- Barr, yeast infections, vaginal infections, bladder infections, middle-ear infections, Gonorrhea, Syphilis, Hemorrhoids, Influenza, intestinal troubles, Nasal Catarrh, Tuberculosis, boils, Meningitis, Chronic Eczema, Colitis, Diarrhea, Enlarged Prostate, Tonsillitis, Rhinitis, Strep Throat, Sprue, Staphylococcus Infections, ringworm, Typhoid, Whooping Cough, Shingles and Warts.


Liquid silver may be applied directly to the skin. A few drops on a q-tip or band-aid may be used to disinfect any wound or sore. Liquid or Colloidal Silver can also be administered orally. It can be used vaginally, anally, atomized or inhaled into the nose or lungs and dropped into the eyes.

It is safe for pregnant and nursing women and is known to aid the developing fetus in growth. It will not generate free radicals or interfere with enzyme activity. It has no reaction with other medications.

It is becoming increasingly apparent that modern man needs to re-think his strategy of wellness. The medical practice of waiting until serious diseases have ravaged the body is resulting in chronic illnesses growing at epidemic rates.

Need the very best colloidal silver in the world?

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