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How Do I Know If I Have MRSA? What Are the MRSA Symptoms?

Skin Parasite Worm Morgellons

Confessions of a Lyme and Morgellons Victim

I. Symptoms

A. LLMD asked what symptoms brought me to him:

Pruritis (skin issues including crawling, lesions, biting; possible causes – staph, yeast, mycoplasma, leprosy, others) Night sweats (always a sign of infection; possible causes staph, tuberculosis) Restless legs syndrome (related, I think)
Severe spasms in feet, sometimes traveling up legs to body – terrifying

B. LLMD asked me if these symptoms are or have been present:

Brain fog (no)
Headaches (no)
Chronic fatigue (no)
Muscular aches (no) or spasms (yes)
Overall aches (no)
Sinus issues (yes until F-5 Mar 2011)
Lesions (yes until F-5 Mar 2011)
Depression (yes, in 1997)
Bulls eye rash (yes, in 90’s and again in 2009)

II. Neuro-Muscular Tests

A. Standing:
He had me walk three different ways. He had me stand and allow him to just observe my face (tells a doc a lot about us) He held my shoulders and leaned my body in every direction, alternating directions to see my body’s neurological response.
B. Sitting:
He had me push/pull with feet, quads, arms, shoulders etc.
He had me stick out my tongue and relax it. I felt it spasming! “You have
Twelfth Nerve Palsy,” he said, and at that point he diagnosed Lyme.

III. Causes.

A. Pruritis. Possible causes include staph, yeast, mycoplasma, leprosy, others. B. Night Sweats. 100% due to infection of some kind. Possibilities:
staph, yeast, mycoplasma, tuberculosis, other. I asked why Evening Primrose Oil controls. He asked what form I take. “Capsules.” Said EPO has antibiotic properties. Agreed it does not cure the infection though since I have to keep going back to the EPO to control the night sweats when they return.
C. Restless Legs Syndrome. Discussed. dn’t address directly. He said that many co-infections and related issues would clear up by using the antibiotic he prescribed (Minocycline).
D. Severe Spasms in Feet. Discussed. He said many co-infections and related issues would clear up by using the antibiotic he prescribed (Minocycline). Seemed fine with my taking a bone support supplement to control
E. Bulls Eye Rash. Occurs only in small percentage of cases.

IV. Co-Infections. Only remember discussing the ones I have seen discussed here. I know he covered others, though. Feels most will be addressed by the antibiotic he prescribed for the Lyme.
A. Babesiosis. Does not believe I have this.
B. Bartonella. Can’t remember if he thinks I might or might not have

V. Antibiotics. Lyme is an intracellular (within cell) disease, but most antibiotics do not work within cells, only outside them, and so will not touch Lyme.

VI. About Lyme.
* 112 known varieties of Lyme, each with a unique set of outcomes. Many never know they have it. Others experience debilitating symptoms almost from the moment of the bite.
* Turkey hunters sit at the base of trees. They also get bitten by ticks more often than they realize.
* 20% of ticks carry Lyme – not just deer ticks.
* For every five ticks that bite a turkey hunter, one carries Lyme.
* 100% of turkey hunters will contract one of the varieties of Lyme, but many will never know (the lucky ones).
* Patients previously diagnosed with delusory parasitosis but then treated for Lyme have gotten well from the Lyme regardless of their mental state.
* Ticks, like snakes, are active most of the year, if not all.
VII. Diagnosis.
* Diagnosis of Twelfth Nerve Palsy confirms Lyme.
* Immune system healthy.
VIII. Prescription. Minocycline 100mg oral capsule, one a day with food, without calcium. Take yogurt and or probiotics.

IX. Conclusion. The most important thing my new LLMD told me today is that Lyme is curable. He said that once we clear up the infections associated with Lyme, that may take care of my other issues (Morg). The second most
important one is that (and he smiled when he said it) I am definitely not crazy.

Morgellons; Is This The Real Cause?

Alternative cellular energy pigments mistaken for parasitic skin infestations by W. John Martin
Center for Complex Infectious Diseases, 3328 Stevens Avenue, Rosemead, CA 91770 USA

Dermatologists and psychiatrists occasionally encounter patients who believe they are infested with skin parasites. They may report seeing
threads, fibers and more solid appearing particles attached to their skin and hair, or appearing on clean bed sheets after sleeping. Some of the
particles move spontaneously suggesting a life form. Similar structures develop in long-term cultures of stealth-adapted viruses. They are
termed alternative cellular energy pigments (ACE pigments) since they appear to provide a non-mitochondria source of cellular energy that
can assist in cellular repair from the virus cytopathic effect (CPE). Particles obtained from the skin of stealth virus culture-positive patients
can also display auto-fluorescence and electrostatic properties. Some of the particles are magnetic and can generate gas in an aqueous
solution. They also lead to the production of lipid-like crystals similar to those produced in long-term cultures of stealth-adapted viruses. It is
proposed that skin-derived particles that form in some of the patients assumed to be experiencing a delusional parasitosis are, in reality, a
reflection of the body’s production of ACE pigments.

Over the last several years, I have encountered several
patients who have described unusual solid and thread-like
particles arising from their skin and which occasionally
appeared to move spontaneously, as if alive. The patients
were concerned that they may be infected with some form of
skin parasite. Other patients have noted unusual particles in
their bed sheets, and in bath water that has been undisturbed
for several hours following bathing. One patient who slept on
a magnetic mattress noted that some of the particles were
attaching to the mattress as if they were magnetic. Several of
these patients were also being seen by psychiatrists and were
given a clinical diagnosis of delusional parasitosis (Bhatia et
al. 2000; Goddard, 1995; Zomer et al., 1998).
The particles collected by these patients were morphologically
similar to structures that form in long-term

Drug Companies Who Rip Us Off Finally Fined 3 $$$BILLION$$$

GlaxoSmithKline will pay a $3 billion settlement

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) — GlaxoSmithKline was slapped with a $3 billion fine Monday by the U.S. Justice Department after failing to report safety data on some of the company’s most popular drugs.

The payment — with $1 billion going to settle criminal wrongdoing, and $2 billion to cover civil liabilities — is the largest fraud settlement in U.S. history, and the largest payment ever by a drug company.

GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) will plead guilty to two counts of introducing misbranded drugs, Paxil and Wellbutrin, into interstate commerce.

Directly From GSK Press Release

“The agreement resolves criminal and civil liabilities related to: an investigation begun by the US Attorney’s office of Colorado in 2004 and later taken over by the US Attorney’s Office of Massachusetts into GSK’s sales and marketing practices for nine products; the U.S. Department of Justice’s investigation of possible inappropriate use of the nominal price exception under the Medicaid Rebate Program; and the Department of Justice’s investigation of the marketing and regulatory submissions of Avandia. 

As part of the agreement, GSK has entered into a corporate integrity agreement (CIA) with the Office of Inspector General (OIG) of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.  The CIA will also cover a portion of GSK’s manufacturing operations, related to the company’s settlement in 2010 on events in the early 2000s at GSK’s former manufacturing facility in Cidra, Puerto Rico.  In both areas, the CIA will build on the company’s existing comprehensive compliance programmes.”

States Get Into the Suit Too!

Pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline has agreed to pay more than $35 million to the Massachusetts Medicaid program as part of the British drug maker’s $3 billion settlement Monday with federal and state authorities in the largest US health care fraud case ever.

Responsibility, According to GSK

“We are transforming GSK to create a company that creates value for patients, consumers and governments, as well as shareholders. We place great importance on what we achieve but also how we achieve it. We believe business should play a greater role in tackling social, economic and environmental challenges. ” Directly from GSK website

We have four core areas of focus which reflect the issues we see as most important for responsible and sustainable business growth.

  • Health for all
    Improving the health and well-being of people around the world
  • Our people and communities
    Developing our people and supporting communities
  • Our planet
    Protecting the natural resources we need for the future
  • Our behaviour

Being open and honest in everything we do “YAH, RIGHT!”

Specifically, the government alleged that the drugs were marketed as a treatment for conditions for which they had not been approved. It said Paxil, which treats depressive and anxiety disorders in adults, was marketed to children and adolescents, and Wellbutrin, an antidepressant, was marketed as a weight-loss aid.

“We Americans simply and blindly trust large drug companies to follow the rules: they don’t care about you, they care about money and profits.”

A third count involves a failure to report safety data about the drug Avandia, a diabetes drug, to the Food and Drug Administration between 2001 and 2007.

In addition to the criminal and civil resolutions, GlaxoSmithKline has reached a 5-year compliance agreement with the Department of Health and Human Services. Under terms of the deal, according to department Inspector General Daniel R. Levinson, company executives could forfeit annual bonuses if they or their subordinates engage in significant misconduct, and sales agents are now being paid based on quality of service rather than sales targets.

GlaxoSmithKline said in a statement that the settlement will be funded through existing cash resources.

CEO Andrew Witty said in a statement

“On behalf of GSK, I want to express our regret and reiterate that we have learnt from the mistakes that were made,” CEO Andrew Witty said in a statement, adding that the company has changed its procedures for compliance, marketing and selling since the incidents.

What Mr. Witty is really saying is “We deliberatly broke the law.  We regret we got caught. In the future, we will be more careful not to get caught.

More information on the setlement can be found on this website:

Shares of GlaxoSmithKline stock rose 1.3% in Monday trading. Imagine that!

When are we going to get mad enough?

Do you think this is an isolated case?  I think not.  these deceptive, illegal practices are standard proceedure at many Drug companies.  While we all know, corporations are supposed to make profits for their stakeholders.  Is it too much to ask to get factual, timely and comprehensive informatioon so that Doctors and Patients around the world can get healthy while drug companies make obsene fortunes?

Morgellons – Coming Soon To A Loved One Near You?


By Cliff Mickelson


The issue of Morgellons contagion has recently emerged as a source of increasing worry among professional researchers. Contagion also remains a source of high anxiety and life altering concern among those suffering from the ravages of this nightmare affliction.


Since the beginning of the decade, the reported numbers of Morgellons cases have shown a consistent and alarmingly relentless increase.   Registration data maintained by the Morgellons Research Foundation reveals a pronounced and disturbing spike in reported cases in just the last several years.  These numbers cannot be explained away as simply ”increased” public awareness.  


Well over ten thousand reported Morgellons cases are now extant in the MRF data base. Yet, these statistics may well prove to be the proverbial tip of the “contagion” iceberg.  It is estimated by some knowledgeable researchers that the true numbers of active Morgellons cases around the world could exceed the number of reported cases by a ratio of more than one hundred to one.  The number of passive cases (non-symptomatic) may possibly defy quantification.


How Morgellons vectors itself remains poorly-understood partially due to the fact that, not unlike HIV, it often appears to have an incubation period that can range from a number of months to a number of years. Nonetheless, the statistics remain undeniable. Morgellons is NOT contagious. Morgellons is not the result of “spontaneous” infection nor “immaculate conception. 


It is important to remember that the debilitating psychological, emotional manifestations of Morgellons are the quantitative “effect” of its advancement and not the cause of its “symptomology.”  Like syphilis and chronic Lyme disease, Morgellons manifests itself physiologically, and in its advanced stages, psychologically.  


Whatever the original genesis of Morgellons may have been, evidence increasingly indicates that the propagation of Morgellons is enabled by a wide variety of environmental, mechanical, and human factors. It is thoroughly documented that body secretions of victims are highly contaminated with the produce and forms of this parasitic affliction. Extended contact with these secretions is likely a primary source of new infection. 


Morgellons may not limit itself to simply one method of propagation. Once established, this mutant pathogen appears to be an equal opportunity employer of a number of independent vectors. Free standing sticky traps often collect the Morgellons fibers in open air venues, thus indicating a possible air-born potential.  Certain agricultural products as well as many Insects are often contaminated by Morgellons and have been implicated as potential secondary vectors. Mosquitos, fleas, spiders and other biting insects also seem to have the frightening ability to transfer Morgellons to a new host. 


Interestingly enough, it has been well-documented that Morgellons, in its advanced stages, attacks and kills many insects who have initially served to vector it. Morgellons regularly infects cats, dogs and other animals with which humans come into daily contact.  Morgellons is particularly hard on cold blooded animals. It has been known to quickly kill lizards and amphibians. With this in mind, it is safe to assume that human contact with these secondary sources of infection can serve to further inculcate the infection.


On one point we must be clear: Morgellons is no longer an emerging plague. It is an established plague. It is spreading through all strata of society at a terrifying rate. Morgellons, as such, has the proven capability to take a fearsome toll on the productive capacity of society at large.


Morgellons is now documented on every populated continent on planet Earth. The opportunity to quarantine the pathogen in its infancy has unfortunately been squandered by a morally compromised and intellectually bankrupted guild of self=serving and arrogant medical monopolists. As a result, Morgellons is now going mainstream…and it is doing so with a vengeance.


Rest assured…Morgellons is coming soon…to a loved one near you.

Need immediate AMorgellons relief?

Follow this link to learn how to eliminate your Morgellons sympotoms.

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