Confessions of a Lyme and Morgellons Victim

I. Symptoms

A. LLMD asked what symptoms brought me to him:

Pruritis (skin issues including crawling, lesions, biting; possible causes – staph, yeast, mycoplasma, leprosy, others) Night sweats (always a sign of infection; possible causes staph, tuberculosis) Restless legs syndrome (related, I think)
Severe spasms in feet, sometimes traveling up legs to body – terrifying

B. LLMD asked me if these symptoms are or have been present:

Brain fog (no)
Headaches (no)
Chronic fatigue (no)
Muscular aches (no) or spasms (yes)
Overall aches (no)
Sinus issues (yes until F-5 Mar 2011)
Lesions (yes until F-5 Mar 2011)
Depression (yes, in 1997)
Bulls eye rash (yes, in 90’s and again in 2009)

II. Neuro-Muscular Tests

A. Standing:
He had me walk three different ways. He had me stand and allow him to just observe my face (tells a doc a lot about us) He held my shoulders and leaned my body in every direction, alternating directions to see my body’s neurological response.
B. Sitting:
He had me push/pull with feet, quads, arms, shoulders etc.
He had me stick out my tongue and relax it. I felt it spasming! “You have
Twelfth Nerve Palsy,” he said, and at that point he diagnosed Lyme.

III. Causes.

A. Pruritis. Possible causes include staph, yeast, mycoplasma, leprosy, others. B. Night Sweats. 100% due to infection of some kind. Possibilities:
staph, yeast, mycoplasma, tuberculosis, other. I asked why Evening Primrose Oil controls. He asked what form I take. “Capsules.” Said EPO has antibiotic properties. Agreed it does not cure the infection though since I have to keep going back to the EPO to control the night sweats when they return.
C. Restless Legs Syndrome. Discussed. dn’t address directly. He said that many co-infections and related issues would clear up by using the antibiotic he prescribed (Minocycline).
D. Severe Spasms in Feet. Discussed. He said many co-infections and related issues would clear up by using the antibiotic he prescribed (Minocycline). Seemed fine with my taking a bone support supplement to control
E. Bulls Eye Rash. Occurs only in small percentage of cases.

IV. Co-Infections. Only remember discussing the ones I have seen discussed here. I know he covered others, though. Feels most will be addressed by the antibiotic he prescribed for the Lyme.
A. Babesiosis. Does not believe I have this.
B. Bartonella. Can’t remember if he thinks I might or might not have

V. Antibiotics. Lyme is an intracellular (within cell) disease, but most antibiotics do not work within cells, only outside them, and so will not touch Lyme.

VI. About Lyme.
* 112 known varieties of Lyme, each with a unique set of outcomes. Many never know they have it. Others experience debilitating symptoms almost from the moment of the bite.
* Turkey hunters sit at the base of trees. They also get bitten by ticks more often than they realize.
* 20% of ticks carry Lyme – not just deer ticks.
* For every five ticks that bite a turkey hunter, one carries Lyme.
* 100% of turkey hunters will contract one of the varieties of Lyme, but many will never know (the lucky ones).
* Patients previously diagnosed with delusory parasitosis but then treated for Lyme have gotten well from the Lyme regardless of their mental state.
* Ticks, like snakes, are active most of the year, if not all.
VII. Diagnosis.
* Diagnosis of Twelfth Nerve Palsy confirms Lyme.
* Immune system healthy.
VIII. Prescription. Minocycline 100mg oral capsule, one a day with food, without calcium. Take yogurt and or probiotics.

IX. Conclusion. The most important thing my new LLMD told me today is that Lyme is curable. He said that once we clear up the infections associated with Lyme, that may take care of my other issues (Morg). The second most
important one is that (and he smiled when he said it) I am definitely not crazy.


About CareMan
I am the CareMan, have been for 7 years now. I really do care about YOU and getting YOU back to great, natural health, so long as you have an open mind.

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