Morgellons Sufferers Speak Out 55

In the nearly 8 years since I have been helping Morgellons sufferers I have heard thousands of stories about how day-to-day life is for the Morgellons sufferer.  Here, we offer a typical story, written by the victim, describing their horrific experiences with doctors, dermatologists and general healthcare practitioners.

If you have Morgellons disease, you do not need to suffer; there is a way out.


Hi all,

“I am a 23 year old female originally from Russia; currently living
in WI, USA. Ironically, my interest in Morgellons started way before I
caught it myself (I just read a couple articles on the weird fiber
disease and was trying to figure out if it was for real). But then, two
year ago, back in April-May of 2010 I got a weird sore on my neck. As a
teenager I’ve had pretty bad and slow-healing acne, so I figured out
this was just a nasty zit. The sore, however, continued to grow and
ulcerate, and so I went to a doctor. The urgent care intern told me
excitedly that she knows exactly what it is- MRSA! and prescribed me
sulfa antibiotics. They never helped, and more sores started popping up
on my neck. They all started the same- first something looking like a
pimple but with a hard center (impossible to squeeze out); a day or two
later, the center of the “pimple” darkened and “rotted away”, making
this ugly black/brown scab. At this point the scab was nearly
impossible to tear off, but a few days later it would soften up on its
own and fall off, forming an ulcer. The ulcer would then either never
heal or heal very slowly, while constantly weeping and oozing out stuff.
I also noticed some weird white granules that came out of the ulcers,
but I thought that those perhaps were clusters of my own body cells, so I
paid no big attention to them. The lesions became worse and worse
though, and my next dermatologist, after a quick check-up, rudely kicked
me out and put “excoriation” as diagnosis.
Thus became my long battle with dermatologists. The next one made me take at least 2 courses of antibiotics before she would ever consider to try something else (i.e. anti-fungals). The biopsies so far showed no infection except some staph, etc. By that point I was searching
through hundreds and hundreds of dermatological articles on various skin diseases, and obsessively comparing pictures of those to mine.

Finally, I decided that I’ve got sporotrichosis. This was a pretty rational conclusion, especially taking into account that I worked in a lab during spring break where I was exposed to hay, moss, etc, which was also genetically altered. (Sporotrichosis is a fungal infection caused
by a tiny organism that lives on certain types of vegetation.) At first I tried potassium iodide (SSKI) and it seemed to help somewhat
(the lesions turned from HORRENDOUS to pretty bad). And then, after a lot of bureaucratic procedures I finally got my itraconazole and started taking it as directed, 100 mg/day. Pretty soon my sores started healing and clearing up, and new ones did not appear. I was really happy and intended to finish the whole itraconazole course (3 months or so), but what happened instead was a big surprise! I got pregnant! Alas, of course, I could not take the anti-fungal anymore, and the lesions slowly started creeping up back. I was afraid that both me and the baby would be eaten by them months before I give birth, but for some reason they did not really worsen during the whole pregnancy- i.e. the old ones kept healing but then new small ones would pop up in a different spot.

Is Morgellons contagious?

“So I continued researching the internet for other possible
diagnoses. Plus, I work in a lab and have an access to a really good 3D
optical microscope, so I checked a couple slides with the lesion skin
samples, and there were black threads embedded in the skin. That, of
course, linked directly to Morgellons, but after reading about “Intense,
pruitic itching” I dismissed that disease as a manifestation of my
paranoia, since I did not experience any itching whatsoever.

After giving birth though, I did not even consider breastfeeding-
the sores started coming back at an alarming rate, and I needed to get
rid Morgellons baby's handof them asap! Again, after a lot of tedious insurance procedures I got an itraconazole refill. This time, however, the lesions disappeared
rather reluctantly and some of them kept coming back. I started to suspect that there was something more to it than a “simple” sporotrichosis (actually a pretty complicated disease, with the yeast-shaped fungus cells often being missed in biopsies even with special stains), so I thought that with my luck I got a case of mutated sporotrichosis that is drug-resistant. However, I continued to take
samples of my skin and scabs to the lab and study them in detail under
the microscope. What I observed was shockingly bizarre- white, blue,
and thicker black threads all around my skin and mostly in/on the sores;
the scabs have gel-like “roots”; there are threads embedded in my
FINGERNAILS and there are also those weird creatures (the granules that
could be squeezed out) that all have a little piece of fiber sticking
out (follicles? antennas?) Finally, I googled up some close-up
Morgellons sores and scabs. Did something strike you as WEIRD about
them when you first got to see them in a bright light? They all have
these circular and curvy grooves on them that form patterns eerily
similar to something like an elm seed (see pic). The center is either a
blood bubble or a dry black dot that is impossible to pick off (but if
you do manage to, try picking it up with a magnetized needle- those
“dots” seem to be some kind of iron collections (from blood?) and might
serve as a means of “communication” between individual lesions. That
happened to me on several occasions- one sore starts itching or hurting,
and then suddenly stops, and another one on the same hand but a
distance away would do the same thing.

In conclusion, I would like to thank the people who created this
forum, since I really need some support (instead of being told that I am
crazy and sent away). I sincerely hope that (somewhat graphic) details
of my story would help somebody to figure out more about their own
conditions or perhaps, even, put all clues together to come at some
definitive conclusion about what they are.  In meantime, I am wishing
everyone struggling with this nasty evil thing to find a method that
works for them, and to have enough strength and self-esteem to cope with
the frightening reality.”

Guaranteed Morgellons Disease Treatment

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About CareMan
I am the CareMan, have been for 7 years now. I really do care about YOU and getting YOU back to great, natural health, so long as you have an open mind.

2 Responses to Morgellons Sufferers Speak Out 55

  1. Pattie says:

    I moved from VA to So Florida 16 yrs ago – broke out w/severe morgs. after a day trip to Sannibell Island on bay side about 12 years ago.

    I recently did a stint of a few months on 2 antibiotics and Flagyl. My doc wouldn’t renew the antibiotics but would renew the Flagyl. THANK GOD I was here to help Cindy Casey set up for the ILLADS Conf. which was here in Ft. Lauderdale. She told me that you CAN’T take Flagyl without antibiotic or all you’re doing is forcing the cysted crap out into your body to go live a happy life wherever they settle… when you’re supposed to be taking antibiotic to KILL them when they come out of Cyst.

    Anyway, my cousin in VA has Lyme & Morgs. His 2 brothers had Lyme as well. They both got so sick that they could no longer work, and SADLY, we lost my beloved cousin a few years back. He was supposedly seeing ‘the best Lyme doc in the world’. He was switching iv antibiotics every 2 weeks so the disease couldn’t get used to any one drug. It was supposedly working wonders on him and he actually danced a jig the night he died. Come the end of the night, he was too tired to walk up the stairs to bed so he laid on couch, wife laid next to him and when she woke in the morning, he was gone. I think he herxed to death. I don’t know what the official diagnosis was.

    Well, I found the my cuz who has Lyme and Morgs is still able to work – and he’s a trapper, hard work for sure! He called me when he found out we had the same thing and told me of NutraSilver. I ordered right away and did as instructed, but I’ve had this for so long, I guess I’m chalk full of it. When I got on the antibiotics, I broke out everywhere I ever had a lesion in all these years. When I got on the NutraSilver, same thing happened. These suckers are deep – and they are all over from head to toe. I quit the Nutrasilver for about a week and got sooo much worse, I got back on.

    I guess the best of the 2 evils (antibiotics vs. Nutrasilver is the Nutrasilver, tho it’s no miracle cure for me!) I’ll keep you posted on how things are going. Take care and thanks for all your work Careman!!!)

    • CareMan says:

      Thanks for your comment and taking the time to share your experience with NutraSilver. Interestingly enough, your experience is what is EXPECTED when a Morgellons sufferers begins taking NutraSilver. The idea is to force this infection out from the inside. It stands to reason that “things” will exit your body since that is exactly what we want to happen, right? The fact that you have been infected a long time suggest that there is a lot of stuff to come out of you. I know Cindy and her followers do not believe in NutraSilver and prefer antibiotics is well known. She has suffered from Morgellons for so many years and deserves some relief too.

      At least you have the courage to follow your convictions is wonderful, just be sure to follow the instructions exactly;

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