Candida: How Can You Tell if YOU are Infected?

How Many People have Candida?

Some health care professionals believe that candida infects 89% of the US population. Many Americans don’t realize that Candidiasis is caused by the overuse and abuse of antibiotics, steroids, NSAIDs and poor dietary habits. By simply following the standard of healthcare in our society and eating the standard American diet, you may be putting yourself at risk of recurrent candida yeast infections.

Candida and Athletes Foot

A Simple Test You Can Do at Home

First thing in the morning, before you put ANYTHING in your mouth, get a clear glass and fill with water. Work up a bit of saliva, then spit it into the glass of water. Check the water after a moment or within 2-3 minutes, then within every 15 minutes.

If you have a candida yeast infection, you will see strings, like cloudy legs, traveling down into the water from the saliva floating on the top, or “cloudy” saliva will sink to the bottom of the glass, or cloudy specks will seem to be suspended in the water. If there are no strings, the water is as clear as it was before you spit in the glass and the saliva is still floating after at least one hour, you are probably candida-free. The more strings and cloudiness there is and the faster it develops, the greater the overgrowth.

The main theme of Candida elimination is strengthening of the human immune system. Colloidal silver is nothing but very fine particles of pure silver, suspended in water. Colloidal silver reportedly has antimicrobial properties. A lot of research has been done recently on its functioning. Certain bacteria are essential to healthy body function, such as acidophilus. Several researchers claim colloidal silver only attacks the unfriendly bacteria and will not harm the friendly bacteria. But one must wonder how it can possibly differentiate?

One explanation is that the friendly bacteria are aerobic, while unfriendly bacteria are anaerobic. Also, it is said that the silver does not attack bacteria directly, but rather decomposes certain enzymes the anaerobic bacteria, viruses, yeast, and molds require. The silver acts as a catalyst and is not consumed in the process. It is probable that the reason the bacteria cannot develop a resistance to silver, as they do to antibiotics, is because silver does not directly them directly, but rather destroys the enzymes they depend on. This is in quite contrast to normal antibiotics, which kills friendly bacteria as well.

Symptoms of Candida

Both men and women can have candidiasis. However it does occur more frequently in women (especially young women) with more severe effects. Candida symptoms fall into the following four main areas:

Gastrointestinal Symptoms

These include constipation, diarrhea, gas, bloating, indigestion, heartburn, PMS, recurrent yeast vaginitis, vaginal burning and itching, vaginal discharge, loss of sexual feelings and prostitis.

Allergic Symptoms

These symptoms occur with the passing of toxins into the bloodstreamand include hayfever, earaches, bronchitis (recurrent), hives, headaches, sore throats, coughing, acne, nasal congestion, chemical sensitivities to tobacco smoke, perfume and foods. The person just feels “sick all over”.

Dis functioning Glandular and Organ Symptoms

These include infertility, menstrual problems, ovarian failure and ACTH deficiency, hypothyroidism, chronic lymphocystic thyroiditis, diabetes mellitus, impotence and endometriosis.

Emotional and Mental Symptoms

These occur because of central nervous system involvement. These include poor memory, fatigue, drowsiness, feelings of unreality, in-coordination, tingling and numbness, joint pain, muscle weakness, muscle pain, irritability, inability to concentrate, confusion and severe depression.

Lucy    April 8, 2009

“I must have gone to the Doctor 4 or 5 times and used every medicine he gave me for Candida. I was on Steroid pills, antibiotics, creams… you name it. Months went by and it just seem to get worse.”

“I finally did some research on the internet and ran across a website called NutraSilver.  I first applied it on the spots and after 4 days or so, the spots started going away. However, I had to end up covering my entire lower legs in NutraSilver® to keep the Fungus from relocating. It took about 2 full weeks to completely go away, BUT It is gone…And I am so Thankful. What a nightmare!!!! “


Morgellons Sufferers Respond Strongly to CDC Report

These quotes are from LymeBusters


Thanks for nothing, CDC!

Can’t say that this comes as a surprise, but it is still sickening. The observation that patients were depressed??? Would they be depressed if this was happening to them? Western medicine as practiced in the 21st century. Doesn’t get much scarier than this. I am so fed up that I can’t even talk any more.

Luckily I am in a place where most of my outward symptoms are controlled and I function pretty well, but I feel terrible for the folks who are still experiencing the onset and have no
where to go within the medical community to get any sort of help.

Guess these idiots never heard of Randy Wymore and the OSU study?

I knew in my heart… as well as many other morgellons sufferers have that your final report would be Godless, shameful, and so very disappointing. I tried to have faith in our government… I tried to hope for an honest

the CDC says Morgellons is "All in your head"

outcome of your study of Morgellons. But now I know how disgusting our government has truly become. You hide the truths by hurting the hearts of those who suffer from your attacks on us via chemtrails, GMO foods and the like. I’m so very sickened by the greed, the lack of compassion, and as I said, the lack of truth. But it’s my heart that’s been numbed by what you’ve accomplished in destroying even more lives with this so-called study. You must truly be ashamed of yourselves… I know I’m ashamed of you all. You’ve just destroyed so many people who’ve been holding on by a thread waiting for the answers to stop their suffering. How could you… how could you be so very heartless? I will continue to hope one of you who must know the answer but are being held to secrecy over the cause of this nightmare to step up to the plate one day. Maybe you will the day you or one of your loved ones is hit by the Morgellons delusion… a delusion I might add that has been filmed by thousands of people around the world. How can that be? Because… morgellons is as far from being a delusion as you are from being truthful, compassionate, and strong. So very disappointed in you all… but believe you me, our fight doesn’t stop here. For all who suffer… my heart is with you today.


The newspaper today here in Vegas (The Review Journal)

“The study cost nearly $600,000.00. It’s long awaited results, released Wed, conclude that Morgellons exists only in the patients’ minds.”

End of quote.


You may not want to watch, because it’s really something that does add fuel to the fire.

I know these Morgelloons people are really sick.. I just can't help them because the CDC says Morgellons does not exist


I could chew heads off with my front teeth right about now, and feel WONDERFUL and thrilled doing it.

I’m venting, because ….we know, we know WE KNOW the TRUTH.

I wonder how many poor souls spent their time and money at this “supposed doctors office” in NY.

I am that fed up I can not talk anymore either. Sorry guys, that was another reason for the music.

12 hours sleep and I feel like I’ve been hit by a truck. The sleep walking is worse than ever. Tony came home from work to find that I’d been painting butter all over the kitchen.

Couldn’t get anymore frightening for me. Oh and that thing on my bum? My sister is a Nurse confirmed for me it looks like a boil. Well it really really hurts and I hope the drawing agent has worked overnight.

Well, there you have it.

Absolutely idiotic & shameful but considering it comes from the Centers for Disease Creation I am hardly surprised. They are under the authority of the military and since the military has obviously been involved in spreading Morgellons through chemtrails (Morgellons pathogens have been found in the chemtrails fallout encased in some type of artificial lattice) one can hardly expect involved government agencies to rat themselves out or take steps to expose what is really going on.


They don’t f—ing want us to know what the f–k is going on! Even worse the taxes we pay support this BS! We the taxpayers are funding this!!

I guess the CDC didn’t feel the need to look into the findings of researchers like Clifford Carnicom, Randy Wymore, Jan Smith & Hildegarde Stanninger who have respectively discovered that Morgellons causes pathological changes in the blood observable with a microscope. The fibers coming from Morgellons victims are unique and something that cannot be identified with previously known fibers or man-made fibers, that self replicating nano technology is involved and tiny nano tech robots have been repeatedly removed from various Morg sufferers and that there is excessive amounts of silicon in the bodies of Morg sufferers.

How does the CDC explain these pathologies that are consistently found in the bodies of those suffering from Morgellons?

Well this isn’t the first time the CDC has supported fraudulent science …the infamous Yale report on Lyme Disease is another shameful example.

I am made as hell and I’m not going to take it any more…

You can fight back; there is a way out, regardless of the CDC or the Medical Community might say. We have been assisting Morgellons sufferers for over 5 years to rid themselves of this debilitating and life-stealing disease. It is time to pick up the phone and finally find your way out of the Morgellons forest.  We can help; thousands of Morgellons sufferers have found relief and so can you.  It is time to end your Morgellons suffering. Call now for you free Morgellons consultation.

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CDC Says Morgellons is Not Infectious [the only fact in the report]

Download Complimentary Source PDF By Crystal Phend, Senior Staff Writer, MedPage Today
Published: January 25, 2012

Reviewed by Zalman S. Agus, MD; Emeritus Professor
University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine and Dorothy Caputo, MA, RN, BC-ADM, CDE, Nurse Planner

Action Points

Centers for Disease Control

Morgellons is a lay term for an unexplained chronic, recurrent dermopathy. It is characterized by poorly healing skin lesions associated with pruritus and other disturbing cutaneous sensations.

This study found no evidence of an underlying medical condition or infectious source for this rare condition.

A mysterious condition in which cloth fibers or other materials are reported to emerge from the skin doesn’t appear to be infectious, a CDC team said after studying a possible cluster of cases in northern California.

A wide range of tests turned up no single bacteria, mycobacteria, virus, or parasitic explanation for what is being called Morgellons, according to Mark L. Eberhard, of the CDC in Atlanta, and colleagues.

No environmental cause was found either, although neuropsychiatric problems, solvent exposure, and drug use were common among cases, the group reported in the January issue of PLoS One.

“In the absence of an established cause or treatment, patients with this unexplained dermopathy may benefit from receipt of standard therapies for coexisting medical conditions and/or those recommended for similar conditions, such [as] delusional infestation,” they wrote.

Patients with this rare skin problem report fibers or solid materials emerging from poorly healing wounds that

Delusional, non-existant fibers

itch or have other disturbing sensations, like crawling insects, stinging and biting, or pins-and-needles.

But when the researchers biopsied lesions in patients reporting these symptoms, the materials they found — mostly cotton fibers or skin fragments — appeared to have been introduced into scabs created by chronic scratching or irritation, rather than erupting from the skin.

These findings suggested “the materials were from environmental sources (e.g., clothing) or possibly artifacts introduced at the time of specimen collection and processing,” Eberhard’s group wrote.

The group’s Unexplained Dermopathy Study Team investigated a group of cases reported by public health officials in the San Francisco Bay Area, using the Kaiser Permanente of Northern California databases, which cover about 30% of the population in those counties.

Chart review turned up 115 patients at least 13 years old with Morgellons symptoms, for a prevalence of 3.65 cases per 100,000 enrollees in the managed care organization.

Delusional lesions

“Over 75% of our cases reported onset of their symptoms during or after 2002, but the epidemiologic importance of this is unclear as it also corresponds to the time when Internet postings related to this condition began to surface,” the investigators noted in the paper.

The cases didn’t meet criteria for clustering, but some similarities were seen in that 77% of the cases were Caucasian women.

Other common characteristics were multisystem complaints, with 70% reporting chronic fatigue and 54% reporting their overall health as poor or fair.

Neuropsychiatric problems also were common, with 59% having cognitive deficits that could not be explained by low IQ and 63% having clinically significant depression or other somatic complaints.

Testing turned up drugs in hair samples in 50%.

Most of the cases (78%) reported that they or someone in the household used solvents, such as paint thinner or charcoal lighter fluid, for hobbies or other activities.

The lesions themselves showed a wide variety of presentations, from papules and scars to plaques, patches,

More delusional lesions

and even one cyst. Many were crusted; some were inflamed.

Forearms, back, chest, face, and lower legs were most commonly affected, with a median of 17 lesions per patient.

These lesions were “most consistent with arthropod bites or chronic excoriations,” the researchers pointed out.

Some tested positive for bacteria, but no parasites or mycobacteria were detected.

“We were not able to conclude based on this study whether this unexplained dermopathy represents a new condition, as has been proposed by those who use the term Morgellons, or wider recognition of an existing condition such as delusional infestation, with which it shares a number of clinical and epidemiologic features,” the group concluded.

Delusional expendatures for medicines that don't help

Patients reported using many different over-the-counter, prescription, and alternative therapies in an attempt to alleviate symptoms, with nothing consistently reported effective.

Indeed, the biopsies turned up little that was treatable, the researchers noted.

Thus, skin biopsy may not be very useful without other supporting clinical evidence, although treating coexisting problems, like drug abuse and somatic symptoms, with currently available therapies might be one avenue to help these patients, they suggested.

The authors noted that the study was limited by the fact that case reports included only individuals with current or recent symptoms and used self-reported symptoms for definition, and by the fact that the investigators couldn’t examine risk factors or temporal relationships with exposures, comorbidities, and symptoms.

The study was funded by the CDC [and the US Army]

Some of the researchers were employed by the CDC and some by Kaiser Permanente.

Primary source: PLoS One
Source reference:
Pearson ML, et al “Clinical, epidemiologic, histopathologic and molecular features of an unexplained dermopathy”

This Bloggers Comments

Hundreds of thousands of Morgellons suffers who have never met or spoken with each other share the same delusions? Many have no access to the Internet, so they did not contract this delusional disease online.

There are newborn infants with Morgellons.  Are they delusional?

When Morgellons sufferers use NutraSilver and follow the instructions, they all heal.  How can anyone heal from a delusional disease?

How does the CDC explain the fact that Morgellons sufferers that use NutraSilver eliminate their “brain fog”, chronic fatigue and depression in about 2 weeks?

More Questions and No Answers From the CDC Report

The only truth we can find in the CDC report is that Morgellons is not infectious [contagious].

We have answers for you that really produce reduction in Morgellons symptoms.  NutraSilver is a simple natural mineral when taken orally, eliminates Morgellons symptoms in 4 weeks or less. If Morgellons is delusional, how can this be? The placebo effect on thousands of Morgellons sufferers?  I don’t think so and neither do you. Give us a call and we will be happy to speak with you about how you can eliminate your delusional, ha, ha, Morgellons symptoms safely and inexpensively. Don’t suffer another day; pick up the phone right now and begin your journey back to being who you really are.

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Morgellons Report by CDC, No Surprises Here; Morgellons Disease is Determined to be Delusional

Dr. Joe Shelby, MD

Although we have known the results of the long-awaited study by the CDC into Morgellons Disease, the Morgellons community at large is hugely disappointed by the results, published today. For well over a year, our insider, someone who was actually in the CDC study, shared the results with us.  According to our insider, Dr. Joe Shelby, the head of the Kaiser Permanente Hospital study into Morgellons disease in Oakland, California, told him that the study would conclude that Morgellons disease is delusional, all in the heads of Morgellons victims.

According to the Associate Press in Atlanta, Georgia;  “Imagine having the feeling that tiny bugs are crawling on your body, that you have oozing sores and mysterious fibers sprouting from your skin. Sound like a horror movie? Well, at one point several years ago, government doctors were getting up to 20 calls a day from people saying they had such symptoms.”

“Many of these people were in California and one of that state’s U.S. senators, Dianne Feinstein, asked for a scientific study. In 2008, federal health officials began to study people saying they were affected by this freakish condition called Morgellons.”

The study cost nearly $600,000. Its long-awaited results, released Wednesday, conclude that Morgellons exists only in the patients’ minds.

“We found no infectious cause,” said Mark Eberhard, a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention official who was part of the 15-member study team.

The study appears in PLoS One, one of the Public Library of Science journals and can be read in its entirety here.

Is this Morgellons baby delusional?

Is this baby delusional?

Imagine, a baby just born, coming from a water environment inside the womb, has lesions covering it’s body; is this baby delusional?

We have Morgellons sufferers all over the world

How can all of these people, who have never met or spoken with each other, share the same delusional?  I have personally videoed “critters” coming out of people’s bodies.  How can I video a delusion? None of this makes any sense at all. Yet, here are the results which took over 5 years to publish, that declares the thousands upon thousands of Morgellons sufferers delusional. Go figure….

If you have Morgellons disease, what can you do?

You can do what thousands of Morgellons sufferer around the world have done; you can call us. We have helped thousands of these unfortunate sufferers find their way out of this horrific infection. We can help you too.

Just pick up the phone and call us now.  In as little as 4 weeks, your symptoms can be gone.  Imagine, your brain fog goes away and you can think and reason again.  Imagine, you energy comes back and you can function again. Imagine you depression leaves and you can feel like yourself once again. Imagine, in about 4 weeks your lesions dry up and fall off, never to return.  Imagine that your Morgellons nightmare is over.  Call us now; you have suffered long enough.

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Here is How Morgellons and Lyme Disease Can be Eliminated

  Julie      April 24, 2009

I developed painful sores on my left shoulder with stinging and biting pain and ferocious itching out of the blue in August 2006. The sores did not heal and spread down my arm. Everything worsened at night. After trying everything I could think of on my own and getting no results, I went to see my Kaiser doc and asked him if it could be scabies. He examined me and said it did not look like scabies, but took a skin scraping. He looked at it under a microscope and said he saw no mites or evidence of scabies. He had no answers or solution. The condition escalated in the following weeks and new sores erupted on my right upper shoulder that spread down that arm. I also began to get the sores on my neck and upper back. They all started the same way. It felt like I was being stung from the inside out with intense pain and itching, then the sore would erupt like a small volcano. Extrusions of tiny hard rod shaped granules exuded from the lesions. The lesions spread and became large scabby sores. It was ugly and I concealed my arms by wearing long sleeved shirts even though it was in the 90’s outside. I collected some of these granules and looked at them under a microscope. There was a cell wall with blue fibers within the structure. I’d been conducting research via the internet and read about Morgellons. Even though I didn’t have the fiber aspect of this condition, I believe I would have gotten to that point had I not been introduced to NutraSilver®. I participated in a beta test using NutraSilver®. Within one week, the lesions began to heal and dissipate. After a few weeks, almost all of the sores were gone. I continued to experience outbreaks of the stinging and biting sensation that coincided with the full and new moon lunar phase. This phenomenon is consistent with reproduction in parasites and worms. As long as I took NutraSilver®, the outbreaks were minor and the tiny sores healed immediately. If I stopped, the lesions rapidly multiplied and spread. I have now been taking NutraSilver® daily for over 2 yrs. I take 30 drops 2-3x/day. If I stop, the lesions recur.

In my research online, I had read that there was a strong correlation between Morgellons and Lyme disease. Over 95% with Morgellons symptoms test positive for Lyme. I was tested and found to be infected with Lyme also. I am self treating for chronic late stage Lyme with herbal antibiotics. Because I also have liver disease (Hep C) and cannot take antibiotics long-term as they damage the liver, I have to be very careful. Some of the treatments others had been trying for Morgellons such as de-wormers (ivermectin, etc.) were not a viable option for me. The battle with Lyme is an endless pursuit as well. I have improved greatly, but the continuous cycling and assault also correlating to the lunar phases requires sustained effort and fortitude. Detoxification protocols such as coffee enemas and the use of French green clay among other things are essential. It’s a roller coaster ride to say the least…and not a thrilling one at that.

I have found many other uses for NutraSilver® (NS). It will cure a sty or eye infection (in humans or pets) effectively in very short time (a day or 2 at most). Just put a drop or 2 directly into the eye. I also add 4-5 drops to my neti pot along with Himalayan salt for nasal washing. I use it in my ears with Karl’s formula or hydrogen peroxide. First, I lie on my side and pour the Karl’s formula (a combination of H202 and homeopathic remedies) or H202 into the ear. Then I add 2-3 drops of NS. It will fizz like an explosion of fireworks for about 10 minutes, but effectively treats ear infections. After it stops fizzing, just hold a wadded up tissue next to your ear and drain it by tilting to the side. Repeat in both ears 2x/day until ear issue resolves. You will have to clean your ears later as it leaves a blackish residue.

Initially, along with the Morgellons lesions, I also developed the same type of stinging pain deep within my ears and removed the same small rod shaped granules via a cotton swab from deep in my ear canal. I also had severe tinnitus particularly worse with the new and full moon as well. NutraSilver® helped with this symptom too and I haven’t had the ear extrusions for several months now. I still have some ringing in my right ear, but much less and muted…also cyclic with the lunar phase.

I have used NS topically on sores and cuts and on my pets who get unexplained “hot spots”. I want to add that you should not apply NS topically to Morgellons lesions. It drives them to migrate to another site. You must take it internally. It is essential for me to stay on NutraSilver® at this point. I know it works and has been preventing a most horrendous condition from escalating out of control. I don’t know if I will ever be “cured”, but at least I have found something that holds this mysterious illness at bay.

Can We Help You?

We have years of expereince helping people with these infections.  Please call out toll-free number for you free, no obligation consultation and discover how you can return to great health once again!

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Morgellons Disease Natural Treatments

Are there natural treatments for Morgellon’s Disease?

The treatment of Morgellons disease remains as controversial as the problem itself. One thing, though, is clear – mainstream medicine is so clueless that we must look to solving Morgellons Disease with natural approaches and treatments.

Locking patients up, decrying their painful and debilitating symptoms as “psychosomatic” (from the mind), debilitating them with powerful psychoactive drugs and ridiculing their obvious distress and concern is not the way to treat disease in ANY case, but especially not in this one.

Recall the way that mainstream medicine reacted when it was confronted with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or “AIDS” – it completely buried its head in the sand and treated the poor suffering patients with derision and scorn. Such has been the treatment of many a Morgellon’s patient, though, thankfully, some compassionate medics are taking a radically different approach and trying a totally new approach.

Dr Susan Kolb is one such individual who has been studying Morgellon’s for some time and, recently, has been having considerable success with natural Morgellon’s disease treatments. Of course, these approaches are forbidden by the FDA, which officially believes that nutrition can have no effect on the prevention or treatment of ANY disease (including Vitamin C for scurvy and Vitamin E for Rickets)! However, brave Doctors and their patients have gone beyond this obvious protectionism for the pharmaceutical industry and have taken matters into their own hands – with startling results.

Modern wonders such as electron microscopy have revealed that the lesions suffered by Morgellon’s Disease patients are most definitely NOT in their imaginations (see Morgellon’s disease images) and that the micro-fibrils and granules are both very real and totally un-natural. This has led many to speculate on their origin and the subsequent cause or Morgellon’s, but little definitive evidence has been forthcoming so far.

Hope for Morgellons disease natural treatments?

However, the similarity to some fungal species (such as hyphae) has led some pioneering physicians to consider treatments that are effective against such species. One such treatment that is showing significant promise is the unique clustered colloidal silver product “Nutrasilver“. Silver, and in particular silver in its colloidal form (micro particles suspended in water or other solution) have long been known to be particularly effective against virtually ALL viruses, bacteria and fungi, whilst have virtually no known adverse effects (as opposed to commercial antibiotics, which can have disastrous, even fatal consequences, and frequently cause more problems than they address).

Typical Morgellons lesions

In fact, many sources postulate that it is the bactericidal properties of silver that led the nobilities of the Medieval World to eat from silver plates and drink from Silver cups – the silver protecting them from any potentially harmful bugs in their food and drink. Whatever the reason, silver is known by all in the field of natural health to have many powerful qualities and few drawbacks (none of which are remotely life-threatening).

However, Nutrasilver is somewhat unique in that it is not just a simple suspension of silver molecules, but a suspension of clusters of silver ions, which seem to be EVEN MORE effective in killing virtually every dangerous pathogen known to man. This kind of approach is yielding significant improvements, with many people reporting that the “granules” literally seemed to “jump out” of their skin after the treatment and that sores that had been troublesome for may months then healed in a couple of weeks.

Morgellons – Airway Cleared in Two Days!

Mr. Phillip J.


“I have this dreaded disease called Morgellons; I could feel these glass like fibers in my throat and in my nose/sinuses. 

My throat began bleeding as well as my nose. I did my research on the net.

To see if there were any cures / treatment. I discovered NutraSilver. I ordered some right away, by the time my order arrived my air way and sinuses were already beginning to close up with these fibers.

I was coughing and caging, it was terrible. I was beginning to panic. So when my order arrived I couldn’t open it fast enough. I put the drops in some bottled water I purchased gargled and drank it down. I felt the fibers

Wow! I'm back to normal life again!

loosen in my throat almost right away. I had also introduced NutraSilver in my nose and sinuses. One treatment started to clear my nasal passages. At first I started to swallow those loosened fibers way back in my throat but stopped swallowing and quickly began coughing them up and spitting them out instead. I kept this routine up until after a few days my throat and nasal passages cleared up. The only thing left was my lungs; for I kept coughing fibers up out of my lungs. It seems the NutraSilver was helping my immune system because I began feeling better as well. The crawling underneath my skin had all but stopped. I didn’t have the open soars with fibers growing out, my problem is mostly internal. I had some red welts / blotches on my left arm, it is the only thing I have left at this time, but clearing my lungs and throat was a life saver. To be able to breathe clean fresh air again and feeling so much better is heaven sent. It’s my personal believe that if I can stop any re-infection that perhaps NutraSilver can keep this disease so well under control it would be like not having the disease at all. 

Thank You NutraSilver!”

Morgellons Symptoms Eliminated

  Shon_W     Baltimore, MD.


My name is Shon. I just started NutraSilver® about two months ago. I feel a lot better than I did before I started. I’m in my 30’s now and from my early 20’s to the present I would feel different, like something wasn’t right, at times. I just couldn’t put my finger on it. I can tell you that I feel so much better now.  Over the years I would feel tired. I was diagnosed with asthma around the age of 22 years old.  I also use to get these really bad cramps in my legs. I’ve had three surgeries. My left and right ankle and my right knee (ACL). Left ankle and right knee was a sporting injury and the left ankle was a car accident.

In hind-sight, I’ve realize what these marks [lesions] on my body are. The first one appeared on my chest, then arm and face.  No one can tell me where they come from. When I say marks, they would just start showing up everywhere on my body. Sometimes I would itch uncontrollably.

When I would get marks [lesions] on my face I just thought it was in-grown hairs. Until one day when I thought I was pulling out an in grown hair and I marked my face so bad that it would not heel. The doctors would just look at me as if I was crazy. Finally this year a dermatologist diagnosed me with something called Morgellons. My dermatologists gave me an ointment to put on my lesions and some kind of steroid shoot. I felt a little better once I knew what I had and that it was not the end of my life, but it is a serious skin conditions that needs to be treated. What the dermatologists gave me work for a while but not long. So I went to see him again and he did the same thing and this went on for a while with no real positive results.

I happen to look up this skin condition online on day. That’s when I came across NutraSilver®. I didn’t buy it when I first saw it. But I wrote the link down I was hoping that maybe the ointment and shoots would get better. As time went on my sleeping was worse and my skin was looking horrible. At work I was finding it real hard to concentrate.

Then I finally remember I wrote the site down for NutraSilver®. So ordered it, I wish to God that I would of sooner. I feel so much better now. Every day is getting better.  I’ve taking NutraSilver® for almost two months. Besides the legions drying up, I’ve notice that I’m not using my asthma inhaler anymore. I have no more cramps in my legs. I had a huge hole in my face from picking a lesion, when I thought in-grown hair before I found out it is Morgellons that is finally heeling. My sleep is better now. I have so much more energy. I get up early now. I went walking five miles today. I would not have even tried that a few months ago!!! My production at work is a lot better now. I would recommend NutraSilver® to anyone with Morgellons or any of the others symptoms that I just mentioned. NutraSilver® is my life a saver.



Morgellons & Hep “C”

   Cynthia_T February, 2010


“I joined online groups dedicated to finding out more about this infliction. Recently, I learned about a colloidal silver product called NutraSilver and decided to try it. I ingested 20 drops of NutraSilver in a glass of water 3 times a day. Within a week, most of the sores were healing and the skin sensations became less intense. There was significant improvement overall in 2 weeks. This was very promising.

“Additionally, I have hepatitis C (HCV). Joint inflammation is common among us ‘heppers’ and as such, I suffer with severe joint pain, but it is not arthritis. I take an extensive protocol of supplements daily for addressing HCV and it’s many extra-hepatic manifestations. Despite this, the joint pain has been progressively worsening to the point of being in constant pain and not being able to function normally. The past 2 years, I’ve been experiencing intense pain in my hips, low back, knees and shoulders. Sitting was painful and I would eat standing up. I had difficulty sleeping because I tossed from side to side due to hip discomfort. I had pain in all my joints – fingers, hands, wrists, ankles and my neck where I have 2 herniated discs. I now believe that this joint inflammation may be related to the Morgellons or perhaps even Lyme’s disease (I have read that 94% of people with Morgellons test positive for Lyme). I’ve never been tested for Lyme’s disease, but I think it’s a distinct possibility that I am co-infected with it as well.

“Within the first week of taking NutraSilver, I noticed that I had considerably less joint pain. By the 2nd week, I could hardly believe the improvement. I hadn’t been able to put weight on my right knee when rising since March. Suddenly, it no longer hurt and I could get right up on it. My hip and low back pain vanished completely. Then I ran out of NutraSilver. I continued to have sustained joint relief for about 5 days. Then my joints became painful again and have been getting worse each day. The nightly itching has also returned. I strongly believe that NutraSilver has been addressing more than I anticipated. I am anxious to obtain more NutraSilver and continue treatment. NutraSilver has had a profound impact on improving my joint pain and in reducing the Morgellons symptoms.

“Another facet of improvement that I didn’t anticipate was an increase in energy. Due to HCV, I have significant chronic fatigue. During the 2nd week of NutraSilver treatment, I began to experience increased energy and feelings of wellness – something I haven’t felt in a very long time. My quality of life improved and I started to have more energy and felt less fatigued.

“Additionally, I have put NutraSilver directly into my nose to clear a nasal lesion that has been plaguing me for months. NutraSilver also helped me to fight off a recent attack of illness that my family and co-workers succumbed to.”

Morgellons Testimonial from Carol in Colorado

Carol in Colorado    Nov 2009

I’ve had Morgellons symptoms since April of 2006.

I had gone to my doctor because I was unable to walk without a cane. My right knee was very tender and I had never had anything like this pain before. The doctor gave me an antibiotic. I was supposed to go back to see him in two weeks. In that length of time my right leg was now feeling fine. However, my abdomen and body were covered with many lesions. The doctor kept addressing my leg problem, but not acknowledging the obviously open lesions all over me.

Since that time I’ve seen at least seven doctors and have had no success in getting a cure for this very odd set of symptoms.

However, I found the ad for NutraSilver, and tried it! The staff at NutraSilver was very helpful, to say the least, and I was on my way to feeling a lot better.

NutraSilver is the best product that I know of for controlling the awful lesions and other symptoms. After using it over a period of time, it miraculously stopped most of the lesions and helped cut down on the crawling and stinging sensations, to the point where I was pretty much in control of my body again.

What a wonderful feeling! It did not cure the disease, but it put me back in the driver’s seat so that I could live an almost perfectly normal lifestyle again.

NutraSilver is the best product that I have found for the control of Morgellons. I have more peace of mind, and have freedom from most of the symptoms when I am using it.

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