CDC Morgellons Report; Read the Real Truth Here

CDC Report Failure

Despite having spent four years and $600,000, and using the world’s largest forensic database, the premier health agency reports it is unable to identify the source of the fibers emanating from those suffering with Morgellons.

The CDC provided more information in its press releases hyping the study than it did in the 300-word study published last week

That’s right; after 4 years and $600,000, all we get is 300 words. For you taxpayers, that’s a whopping $2,000 for EACH WORD!  Its Unexplained Dermopathy webpage goes beyond what was reported in the actual study, saying there is “no evidence of an environmental link,” and promised to do no further studies. How convenient. 

The CDC sent the cellulose and unnatural fibers to the , reports the Associated Press.  AFIP has been collecting fiber samples and other forensic material for 150 years. Its 2011 budget was $65 million. Surely, if these novel fibers are natural or lab-created, the AFIP would know. Apparently not. They were unable to discover the cause so they simply say they will never do any further studies! And to think that we, the taxpayers, paid for this?

What is the CDC hiding about Morgellons?

What the CDC didn’t say in the public report is that;

  1. Those fibers are alive and motile
  2. They grow and reproduce, and have been shown to do so in a petri dish using certain visible light frequencies
  3. If delusions are creating them, that would be a first in human evolution

    Cliff Carnicom

    Cliff Carnicom

Research conducted by Cliff Carnicom, a well-known and respected independent scientific researcher, indicates that the still-unidentified fibers seen in Morgellons patients are the same as those collected after an aerial spray of chemtrails.

After being cultured for five days, the fibers produced a sheen across the wine medium, right before explosively reproducing hundreds of new fibers in a 24-hour period.  He later explored how these nanoworms feed on the iron in human blood, explaining that, “changes in iron and the utilization of iron in a pathogenic sense are at the heart of the Morgellons issue.”

An arduous course of research led Carnicom to conclude that the nanoworms present in Morgellons patients represent an entirely new life form, and one that was engineered using features from each of the three Domains of life;

  • Bacteria
  • Archaea
  • Eukarya

To bolster his argument, he refers to a Feb. 2010 disclosure by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) “to develop immortal ‘synthetic organisms’, as outlined in the unclassified version of the 2011 budget,” citing

As part of its budget for the next year, Darpa is investing $6 million into a project called BioDesign, with the goal of eliminating ‘the randomness of natural evolutionary advancement.’

“The project comes as Darpa also plans to throw $20 million into a new synthetic biology program, and $7.5 million into ‘increasing by several decades the speed with which we sequence, analyze and functionally edit cellular genomes.”

If these unidentified fibers are some sort of top-secret nanotech military weapon, that would explain why no answer and no help will come from the CDC or the military.

We do know that back in 2006, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) listed Morgellons as “a genetically caused disease, due to the presence of three copies of a chromosome rather than the normal two (known as trisomy). This was found at the 5S rRNA genes located on chromosome 1, in the q42.11 to q42.12 region, according to the following screen capture by Jan Smith, who explains that a year later NIH deleted the webpage.  I wonder why, don’t you?


We are being sprayed; just look up now and then and you will see for yourself

Several people agree with Carnicom that these living fibers are being sprayed on us via the vociferously denied

chemtrail program.  Morgellons patient Kandy Griffin, president of Morgellons Research Group, puts it right out there:

Morgellons is not a disease. It is a process. It is a form of forced/directed evolution of the human genome. It is the fetal stage of trans-humanism, and it is upon us.

“This stealth project is being carried out with the use of the daily chemtrail operations, which are happening globally.  There is no escape.  The chemtrail operations are terraforming the earth and everything on it, including you.”

There is hope and relief now

In the last section of Carnicom’s Thesis, he suggests several mitigation strategies that would apply equally to those who develop Morgellons and those who don’t, but who are likely assimilating rather than rejecting these bioengineered life forms.

Morgellons symptoms have been eradicated in thousands of sufferers for the past 5 years by a natural mineral that drives this ailment out of the human body from the inside.  Although not a cure, thousands of Morgellons sufferers have found relief by eliminating their symptoms allowing them to return to a normal life. Taken orally, this natural mineral has no toxicity and is lethal to harmful bacteria, fungus and viruses.  FDA-certified lab reports suggest that this natural mineral kills pathogens quickly and safely.

Morgellons lesions; before and after treatment

Morgellons lesions; before and after treatment

If you have Morgellons, there is a way to regain your life without the debilitating effects of Morgellons. Follow this link to find out more.


Morgellons Sufferers Respond Strongly to CDC Report

These quotes are from LymeBusters


Thanks for nothing, CDC!

Can’t say that this comes as a surprise, but it is still sickening. The observation that patients were depressed??? Would they be depressed if this was happening to them? Western medicine as practiced in the 21st century. Doesn’t get much scarier than this. I am so fed up that I can’t even talk any more.

Luckily I am in a place where most of my outward symptoms are controlled and I function pretty well, but I feel terrible for the folks who are still experiencing the onset and have no
where to go within the medical community to get any sort of help.

Guess these idiots never heard of Randy Wymore and the OSU study?

I knew in my heart… as well as many other morgellons sufferers have that your final report would be Godless, shameful, and so very disappointing. I tried to have faith in our government… I tried to hope for an honest

the CDC says Morgellons is "All in your head"

outcome of your study of Morgellons. But now I know how disgusting our government has truly become. You hide the truths by hurting the hearts of those who suffer from your attacks on us via chemtrails, GMO foods and the like. I’m so very sickened by the greed, the lack of compassion, and as I said, the lack of truth. But it’s my heart that’s been numbed by what you’ve accomplished in destroying even more lives with this so-called study. You must truly be ashamed of yourselves… I know I’m ashamed of you all. You’ve just destroyed so many people who’ve been holding on by a thread waiting for the answers to stop their suffering. How could you… how could you be so very heartless? I will continue to hope one of you who must know the answer but are being held to secrecy over the cause of this nightmare to step up to the plate one day. Maybe you will the day you or one of your loved ones is hit by the Morgellons delusion… a delusion I might add that has been filmed by thousands of people around the world. How can that be? Because… morgellons is as far from being a delusion as you are from being truthful, compassionate, and strong. So very disappointed in you all… but believe you me, our fight doesn’t stop here. For all who suffer… my heart is with you today.


The newspaper today here in Vegas (The Review Journal)

“The study cost nearly $600,000.00. It’s long awaited results, released Wed, conclude that Morgellons exists only in the patients’ minds.”

End of quote.


You may not want to watch, because it’s really something that does add fuel to the fire.

I know these Morgelloons people are really sick.. I just can't help them because the CDC says Morgellons does not exist


I could chew heads off with my front teeth right about now, and feel WONDERFUL and thrilled doing it.

I’m venting, because ….we know, we know WE KNOW the TRUTH.

I wonder how many poor souls spent their time and money at this “supposed doctors office” in NY.

I am that fed up I can not talk anymore either. Sorry guys, that was another reason for the music.

12 hours sleep and I feel like I’ve been hit by a truck. The sleep walking is worse than ever. Tony came home from work to find that I’d been painting butter all over the kitchen.

Couldn’t get anymore frightening for me. Oh and that thing on my bum? My sister is a Nurse confirmed for me it looks like a boil. Well it really really hurts and I hope the drawing agent has worked overnight.

Well, there you have it.

Absolutely idiotic & shameful but considering it comes from the Centers for Disease Creation I am hardly surprised. They are under the authority of the military and since the military has obviously been involved in spreading Morgellons through chemtrails (Morgellons pathogens have been found in the chemtrails fallout encased in some type of artificial lattice) one can hardly expect involved government agencies to rat themselves out or take steps to expose what is really going on.


They don’t f—ing want us to know what the f–k is going on! Even worse the taxes we pay support this BS! We the taxpayers are funding this!!

I guess the CDC didn’t feel the need to look into the findings of researchers like Clifford Carnicom, Randy Wymore, Jan Smith & Hildegarde Stanninger who have respectively discovered that Morgellons causes pathological changes in the blood observable with a microscope. The fibers coming from Morgellons victims are unique and something that cannot be identified with previously known fibers or man-made fibers, that self replicating nano technology is involved and tiny nano tech robots have been repeatedly removed from various Morg sufferers and that there is excessive amounts of silicon in the bodies of Morg sufferers.

How does the CDC explain these pathologies that are consistently found in the bodies of those suffering from Morgellons?

Well this isn’t the first time the CDC has supported fraudulent science …the infamous Yale report on Lyme Disease is another shameful example.

I am made as hell and I’m not going to take it any more…

You can fight back; there is a way out, regardless of the CDC or the Medical Community might say. We have been assisting Morgellons sufferers for over 5 years to rid themselves of this debilitating and life-stealing disease. It is time to pick up the phone and finally find your way out of the Morgellons forest.  We can help; thousands of Morgellons sufferers have found relief and so can you.  It is time to end your Morgellons suffering. Call now for you free Morgellons consultation.

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New Zealand Morgellons Experience

   Alan_B in New Zealand   April 1, 2009


Hi NutraSilver®!

The package arrived and I was really happy and grateful that you had put in an extra bottle!

Excitedly took my first dose and WOW!

I have had a “slug” of phlegm running down the back of my throat for 4-5 years that has never really moved, and also really clogged sinuses and ears… well within 3-5 minutes of having the first 30 drops I could feel the “slug” unhitching from the wall of my throat!!!! It was a very strange but welcome feeling, something like I’ve never felt before!!!

Well I’ve now had the 3x 30 drops for the first day and can honestly say that my energy levels are higher than normal and I seem to be more alert too.


About 7 years ago my children, partner and I were living in Auckland NZ and there was an outbreak of Canadian Painted Apple Moth. The NZ government ordered pesticide from the US and aerial sprayed it over the entire western part of Auckland city in a bid to wipe them out. This spraying continued for 8 weeks every day and affected 400,000+ people. This is where I believe I received my dose of agro-bacterium! The NZ government refused to release the chemical composition of the spray used as it was the “trade secret” of the supplier…. !@#$%^&*!!!

I think we are just seeing the first small outbreaks of what is going to be a huge global problem and I’d say NutraSilver® is positioned to help a lot of suffering people regain their lives.

Personally I’ve even battled to get my partner, parents and friends to believe me so I can’t wait to prove them all wrong… after all if I didn’t have Morgellons then how the heck did Nutrasilver® heal all the lesions of my legs and arms ;-)))

Morgellons Disease: NutraSilver Test Summary/Testimonial

Julie O

I first experienced outward physical skin sensations on the night of August 13, 2006.  It felt as if I was being stung by something on my left shoulder, but I could not see anything where I felt the stinging pain.  The area began to itch and burn.  It was extremely painful.  I tried applying various things topically to attempt to subdue the irritation.  I applied colloidal silver, alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, aloe vera, tea tree oil, thuja oil, thyme oil, lemon oil and other essential oils.  Nothing helped.  I didn’t get much sleep that night.  In the morning, I found 3 small round scabby sores on the area.  I thought it was over.  It wasn’t.

The next night, the itching returned and was maddening.  I scratched till I bled and created large scabby regions.  The pain was deep in the tissues as well.  I slapped at my arm in frustration.  I continued to try various topical applications of different substances including Caladryl lotion, anti-itch creams, even pharmaceuticals such as anti-fungals, anti-virals, cortisone creams, etc. over the weeks that followed.  Nothing helped and more lesions appeared in different spots on the same arm – around the elbow, upper arm and wrist.  Soon, identical symptoms and sores began to occur on the right arm.  The nightly itching routine became commonplace.  I was completely distraught.  After over a month, I made an appointment to see my Doctor at Kaiser.  He looked at the sores and didn’t know what it was.  He took a scraping, but did not see anything identifiable under the microscope.  I conducted Internet research that led me to the possible diagnosis of scabies.  I suggested this to my doctor, but he didn’t think this looked like or fit the description of scabies.  He prescribed topical Permethrin cream in case I wanted to try it.  It didn’t work either.  Next, I ordered some enzyme peppermint products from  This did help soothe the area, but did not stop the painful outbreaks or recurrence of the sores.  The sores were not healing and flared.  Peppermint oil also helped to deaden the pain and I carried a bottle of it with me everywhere and smelled like peppermint candy.

More online research led me to information about Morgellon’s Disease.  As I read about the symptoms that others were experiencing, I realized the similarities to my situation.  I joined an online group hoping to find out more.  After joining the Bay Area Morgellon’s group, I was contacted and asked if I wanted to be part of an experiment with a new type of silver product.  I agreed.

Following is a synopsis of my experience using NutraSilver at the dose of 20 drops, 3 times a day from September 25 through October 10, 2006:

I am no stranger to colloidal silver and have used it for several years now for many things including skin, eye, and ear infections in my pets.  I use it on myself and family for sinus infections, sterilization of cuts, and even for the removal of warts.  It has many applications and I attest to its powerful disinfection and healing properties.  Even so, the colloidal silver product I’ve been using hasn’t worked 100%.  NutraSilver is different from regular colloidal silver and much more powerful.

I began the NutraSilver trial and noticed an immediate decrease in the stinging, itching and burning sensations on the areas affected and inundated with Morgellon’s lesions.  Gradually, the sores began to heal and the outbreaks lessened in intensity.  Many of the sores cleared up completely, but not all have resolved yet.  An additional benefit of the ingestion of the solution was a dramatic decrease in joint inflammation.  I’m also infected with Hepatitis C and suffer from various symptoms and extrahepatic manifestations from this dreadful disease.  My immune system is compromised and I tend to come down with infections more readily and acutely.  While I was taking the NutraSilver, my son, husband and many at work came down with a bad sore throat, headache, sinus infection and cold symptoms.  I started to contract it as well, but was able to fend it off with only minor consequences.  It appears that NutraSilver is like a secondary immune system.  I also have a lesion in my right nostril that has persisted for months.  I now believe the nose lesion is a Morgellon’s manifestation.  I am convinced beyond a doubt that the NutraSilver is helping these various conditions.  Given that I’ve only been using the product for approximately 16 days, this is very encouraging.  I am going to continue taking NutraSilver in the hopes that the Morgellon’s will be eradicated.  Even if that isn’t possible, I know it is helping until a definitive solution to this ongoing nightmare materializes.

Stop wasting your money; get the Morgellons relief you deserve. Get NutraSilver today.

  • NutraSilver will end your Morgellons suffering

  • You get our well respected 60-day money-back guarantee; we take the risk and you heal quickly

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If you wish to discuss how you can get your life back without Morgellons, call our toll-free number and our experienced (5+ years working directly with Morgellons victims) counselors will help you through this nightmare.  We have seen thousands of Morgellons victims recover.  It is your turn now, so pick up your telephone and call this number now.

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Morgellons Sufferers Comment From Around the World

Conscious MD comments on Morgellons

Dr Joe Shelby headed up the Kaiser/CDC cover-up


Maybe they bio-engineered splicing in crystal formation?

Just because it is a fusion of bacterial and fungal forms and we cannot understand how it replicates cellulose does not mean we know that it is not living , or that some component is not. Maybe they bioengineered splicing in crystal formation , who knows what the heck it is because before they unleash this stuff on the world they have no idea what the implications will be . If it does this to humans what does it do to insects, other animals , can it be transfered to other nonGMO plants and spread?
I think the entire world should be suspect that this is just the tip of the iceberg of what is going on out there we are not aware of or understand in the name of corporate profit.


apple cider vinegar bath soaks

Clueless MD

I RAN from 2 Dermatologist that were only going to give me a “sedative”. Found a Naturopathic Dr. that has been successfully treating me with the Rife Therapy set for Lyme Disease. Absolute and Definite resolution. Equally, have been given ionic footbaths in her “Renovati” footbath and the results have been stunning. Last one, little black spots about the size of ticks floating which were clusters of the little black things crawling on my body for 5 months (along with calcified tiny white things and little fat white worms). Have been given white tumeric capsules and lotion by a Vietnamese Dr. and they have been fabulous, although not cheap. All in all, with apple cider vinegar bath soaks and an alkaline diet, things are looking up. Won’t stop until the immune system is back in fighting shape.


The patient refuses to believe it is a psychiatric disorder

“When we looked at what they brought in and when we looked under the microscope, we never found a parasite. The patient refuses to believe it is a psychiatric disorder because they have a false, fixed belief, so even if you present them all of the evidence, they still believe they have parasites invading their skin. They travel from center to center for another opinion because they really believe their skin is infected. There are no exact numbers on how many people have delusional skin infestation, but it is relatively frequent.”


patients become financially devastated

Although the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) are currently investigating the disease, it is not yet fully recognized by the medical community. At this time, the cause of Morgellons disease is unknown and there is no known cure.

It is difficult to understand the tremendous suffering caused by this disease. Many patients report feeling abandoned by the medical community, as they experience increasingly bizarre, disfiguring and painful symptoms, while often being unable to receive medical treatment for their condition. A large number of patients become financially devastated and without health insurance because they can no longer work. Most people who suffer from Morgellons disease report feeling frightened and hopeless.


Morgellons composed of some sort of polyethylene/silicone compound?

If you have crawling and biting sensations on your skin, unusual fatigue or depression, stomach troubles, spots like pimples or sores that don’t heal for ages, and unexplained fibers or hairs on, (or in), your skin, in your environment, or even floating around in the air, then this applies to you. Get a 100x microscope, a toy one will do, as long as it’s at least that powerful, and look at any of those ever present fibers or lint balls that you see just hanging around…These fibers are luminescent to the point of glowing fluorescent blue or red under the scope, I’ve seen green and yellow ones too. (Yes, in person.) They are an unknown fiber, (to us regular people anyway…), apparently, according to this one scientist, composed of some sort of polyethylene/silicone compound… The mind reels.

This stuff will mimic the hair growing out of your arm, and those huge blackheads,   ( ‘hairs’), that some people get, are directly related to this, if you can pull a blackhead out w/ tweezers, you really should look at it a little closer… And for goodness sake, do your own research! Don’t just take mine or anybody’s word on anything, find out to your own satisfaction, use your own personal power or somebody else will take it and use it. This is almost certainly a gmo based organism, just kinda scary stuff…


These fibers are everywhere

So it’s not as bad as I first thought, I do feel better at least knowing why I felt like utter crap for so long, and my facial skin is clearing up, it wasn’t horrible, but kind of blemish-y and starting to go in the direction of rosacea, last while… I’m also liking being mindful about the things I need to do, I can’t stop being busy, but I can be meditative about my work…

These fibers are everywhere, I made the mistake of checking all the food in the fridge with clear tape and my ‘scope, they were on everything, from kale to lemons. I looked at some new snow, and they were in it too. I am concerned about that. Are we getting sprayed often? What else could put them in the fresh snow? What can we do to stop it? Another disturbing aspect of this is that these fibers don’t burn, they are still there in the ashes…


Sea Salt in warm water

So, I urge everyone to begin ingesting Sea Salt in water. It cannot harm you; it replaces minerals your body needs and cannot get anywhere else; it balances your electrolytes, hormones, etc.; it helps you lose weight; it heals just about all diseases.

I also dilute the Sea Salt in warm water and put it on my skin, allowing it to dry. This has already helped me tremendously in drying up the skin lesions on my face, arms and back. Nothing else worked! It even takes away the itching!!!
Please check out the info on Sea Salt for yourselves first and good luck!!


“spider-web” like filaments

When I lived up north in Mt. Shasta, CA, I became aware of Chemtrails, those streaky-looking “clouds” in the sky are NOT clouds at all! There’s a lot of info out there on Chemtrails if you want to know more. But there was a strange phenomenon that took place up there, (actually, A LOT of strange things happened up there); I would be sitting outside on my deck enjoying the day, when “spider-web” like filaments would be drifting down from the sky! Not just a few, but it was like raining the stuff down. It would last about a half an hour and then stop. I noticed that after this occurred, the water we had sitting out for the deer, in a huge white plastic bucket, turned orange! Hubby scrubbed the bucket weekly with bleach so the deer always had clean water. It was months after I started seeing this stuff falling from the sky that I noticed the sores on my skin. You cannot believe how bad it is now. It’s so bad I don’t won’t to be seen in public!
Anyway, consider the source to be Chemtrails.

Free Telephone Consultations

If you wish to discuss how you can get your life back without Morgellons, call our toll-free number and our experienced (5+ years working directly with Morgellons victims) counselors will help you through this nightmare.  We have seen thousands of Morgellons victims recover.  It is your turn now, so pick up your telephone and call this number now.

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Morgellons Lesions Eliminated

Do You Have Morgellons Lesions?

You will certainly relate to this video;

Now, take a look at what can happen….

The End to Your Morgellons Suffering

Free Telephone Consultations

If you wish to discuss how you can get your life back without Morgellons, call our toll-free number and our experienced (5+ years working directly with Morgellons victims) counselors will help you through this nightmare.  We have seen thousands of Morgellons victims recover.  It is your turn now, so pick up your telephone and call this number now.

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Delusions of Parasitosis (DOP) is a Phyciatric Diagnois

Why are Medical Doctors and Dermatologists making psychiatric diagnosis?

Does this look delusional to you?

Delusions of Parasitosis, in clinical terms, is a subset of Schizophrenia. In order to have Delusions of Parasitosis, you must first be diagnosed with Schizophrenia. As far as we know, that happens nearly all of the time.  Especially since Mayo Clinic stated publicly the Morgellons disease is nothing more than Delusions of Parasitosis.

So, how do Medial Doctors and Dermatologists get away with making these diagnosis?

Well, they just do. And when a Morgellons sufferer presents themselves to these medical professionals and they receive the diagnosis of Delusions of Parasitosis, it is PERMANENT on their medical records. Whenever they go to the doctor’s office, they are treated like they are mentally ill. They are not.

These are real people with real medical symptoms that literally steal their lives and leave them hopeless. If you are a woman, are you going out into public with lesions all over your face?  Probably not. And when their doctor tells the family that the Morgellons sufferer is delusional, they typically believe the doctor.  So, what happens to the Morgellons sufferer?  They have just lost all support from the family and their medical doctors. This is a travesty!

Morgellons sufferers experience biting and scratching over their bodies, relentlessly, 24/7.  Some Morgellons

Baby born with Morgellons lesions

sufferers experience open, weeping lesions, often on their hands and legs, but sometimes all over their bodies.  They loose cognitive cohesion; brain fog, chronic fatigue, severe depression which, sadly, often results in suicide. There are now cases of death directly from Morgellons disease. We have even seen newborn babies with Morgellons lesions.

Where is the research?

I can’t find any real investigative research going on, can you? Our government and our scientists have let us down.

Shameful behavior towards a Morgellons sufferer in the E.R.

Today, a man told me that he went to the emergency room with Morgellons lesions all over his face.  Even though his insurance was with this particular hospital, the doctors called security and physically lead him out of the ER and told him not to return.  He was charged for the full visit.  This kind of treatment of Morgellons sufferers is completely unacceptable and inhumane. If you recall when HIV first appeared about 35 years ago, HIV victims were treated pretty much the same way. Shameful.

There is a way out for Morgellons sufferers

We have been helping Morgellons sufferers eliminate their symptoms for over 5 years now.  There is a safe and effective way of returning to your life without Morgellons disease occupying nearly all of your waking moments.

Free Telephone Consultations

If you wish to discuss how you can get your life back without Morgellons, call our toll-free number and our experienced (5+ years working directly with Morgellons victims) counselors will help you through this nightmare.  We have seen thousands of Morgellons victims recover.  It is your turn now, so pick up your telephone and call this number now.

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Morgellons: A hidden epidemic or mass hysteria? part 1

Full-blown Morgellons lesions outbreak

This is the first in a 3 part series sharing a Morgellons sufferers experiences attending the 4th annual Morgellons conference in Texas this year.

It’s a mysterious condition that affects tens of thousands worldwide. But what is it?

Credits; everything in italics on this blog is attributed to Will Storr of the Guardian.

We believe Will Storr has done a fabulous service to the Morgellons Community by telling the real truth about this life-stealing infection and how the Medical Community at large is quick to dismiss the symptoms as Delusions of Parasitosis (DOP) without even a mere look.

Will, it is more like hundreds of thousands are symptomatic rather then tens of thousands. After five years of helping Morgellons sufferers we agree on most other points. Great job.

The Guardian, Saturday 7 May 2011

Long Morgellons fibers

Optical image of what sufferers are adamant are morgellons fibres in skin samples – are they made up of alien ­matter, or are ­everyday materials the more likely explanation? Photograph: Vitaly Citovsky/Suny at Stony Brook

It all started in August 2007, on a family holiday in New England. Paul had been watching Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix with his wife and two sons, and he had started to itch. His legs, his arms, his torso – it was everywhere. It must be fleas in the seat, he decided.

But the 55-year-old IT executive from Birmingham has been itching ever since, and the mystery of what is wrong with him has only deepened. When Paul rubbed his fingertips over the pimples that dotted his skin, he felt spines. Weird, alien things, like splinters. Then, in 2008, his wife was soothing his back with surgical spirit when the cotton swab

Morgellons lesion magnified using a TEM microscope

she was using gathered a curious blue-black haze from his skin. Paul went out, bought a $50 microscope and examined the cotton. What were those curling, colored fibres? He Googled the words: “Fibres. Itch. Sting. Skin.” And there was his answer. It must be: all the symptoms fitted. He had a new disease called morgellons. The fibres were the product of mysterious creatures that burrow and breed in the body. As he read on, he had no idea that morgellons would turn out to be the worst kind of answer imaginable.

Morgellons was named in 2001 by an American called Mary Leitao, whose son complained of sores around his mouth and the sensation of “bugs”. Examining him with a toy microscope, Leitao found him to be covered in unexplained red, blue, black and white fibres. Since then, workers at her Morgellons Research Foundation say they have been contacted by more than 12,000 affected families. Campaign group the Charles E Holman Foundation states there are sufferers in “every continent except Antarctica“. Thousands have written to Congress demanding action. In response, more than 40 senators, including Hillary

Joni says she has suffered with Morgellons for over 20 years

Clinton, John McCain and a pre-presidential Barack Obama, pressured the Centres For Disease Control And Prevention (CDC) to investigate; in 2006, it formed a special taskforce, setting aside $1m to study the condition. Sufferers include folk singer Joni Mitchell, who has complained of “this weird incurable disease that seems like it’s from outer space… Fibres in a variety of colors protrude out of my skin: they cannot be forensically identified as animal, vegetable or mineral. Morgellons is a slow, unpredictable killer – a terrorist disease. It will blow up one of your organs, leaving you in bed for a year.”

 Read about Joni’s remarkable recovery.

So it’s new, frightening and profoundly odd. But if you were to seek the view of the medical establishment, you’d find the strangest fact about this disease: morgellons doesn’t exist. [that will be the conclusion of the CDC after 3 years of investigation.]

I meet Paul in a pub in a Birmingham suburb. He shows me pictures he’s collected of his fibres. On his laptop, a grim parade of images flicks past. There are sores, scabs and nasal hairs, each magnified by a factor of 200. In each photo there is a tiny colored fiber on or in his skin.

“Is it an excrement?” he asks. “A by-product? A structure they live in?” A waitress passes with a tray of salad as he points to an oozing wound. “Is it a breathing pipe?”

Actual Morgellons lesions

Paul absent-mindedly digs his nails into a lesion just below the hem of his shorts. Little red welts pepper his legs and arms, some dulled to a waxy maroon, others just plasticky-white scar tissue.

He has seen an array of experts – GPs, allergy doctors, infectious diseases clinicians and dermatologists. Most end up agreeing with the skin specialist to whom he first took samples of his fiber-stained cotton: his sores are self-inflicted and he suffers from delusions of parasitosis (DOP), a psychiatric condition in which people falsely believe themselves to be infested. This particular form of DOP is thought to be unique, in that it’s spread through the internet. Whereas in the past, episodes of mass hysteria were limited to small communities – perhaps the most famous being the witch panic in Salem, Massachusetts in the 1690s – today, imagined symptoms can spread much farther on the web.

Paul is not convinced by this diagnosis. He carries an alcohol hand gel everywhere he goes, has four showers a day and steam-cleans his clothes. The stress leaves him exhausted, short-tempered. He has difficulty concentrating or applying himself at work. His lowest points have been “pretty much feeling like ending it. Thinking, could I go through with it? Probably. It’s associated with the times the medical profession have dismissed me. It’s just… I can’t see myself living for ever with this.”

I have never seen anything like this. What is Morgellons, anyway?

Has he mentioned these thoughts to his doctor?

“No, because talking about things like that adds a mental angle – supports the prognosis of DOP. And it’s absolutely a physical condition. I mean, look!”

The evidence on his computer does appear convincing. Much thinner than his body hair, the fibres seem to be protruding from his sores. But what are they? And how did they get there? To find out, I’m heading to the 4th Annual Morgellons Conference in Austin, Texas, to meet a molecular biologist who doesn’t believe the medical consensus. Rather, he argues, the forensic tests he’s commissioned on the fibres point to something altogether more unworldly.

Dr. Randy Wymore, PhD

In spring 2005, Randy Wymore, associate professor of pharmacology at Oklahoma State University, stumbled across an article about morgellons. Reading about the fibres sufferers believed were the byproduct of some weird parasite, but which were dismissed by dermatologists as humdrum environmental detritus, he thought, “But this should be easy to figure out.” He emailed sufferers, requesting samples, then compared them with samples of cotton, nylon, carpets and curtains. Examining them under the microscope, he got a shock. The sufferers’ fibres looked utterly different.

Wymore arranged for fibre analysis at the Tulsa police department’s forensic laboratory. Moments into his tests, a detective with 28 years’ experience of this sort of work murmured, “I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like this.” The morgellons particles didn’t match any of the 800 fibres on their database, nor the 85,000 known organic compounds. He heated one fibre to 600C and was astonished to find it didn’t burn. By the day’s end, Wymore concluded, “There’s something real going on here. Something we don’t understand at all.”

Last year, he approached several commercial laboratories to run further tests, but the moment they discovered the job was related to morgellons, firm after firm backed out. Finally, Wymore found a lab prepared to take the work. It is these results that will be revealed during the course of the two-day conference.

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Where is the News Coverage? Morgellons, Chemtrails and Death

Where is the News Media?

Harmful, even deadly chemicals are being sprayed on us

It has been a long time since the news media aired any meaningful news stories about Morgellons and Chemtrails.  This is amazing since the number of people becoming symptomatic world-wide has exploded. As we follow various blogs and chat rooms on the subject, we hear more and more about people dying from Morgellons. Those who die are generally older and have been infected for a very long time.

Here is a re-cap as the news leads up to the present time

If you happen to be one of the unfortunate people with Morgellons symptoms, my heart goes out to you. Your suffering is welcome here.

You have already suffered enough. It is time to eliminate this horrific Morgellons experience and return you to normal life once again. It is possible.

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If you wish to discuss how you can get your life back without Morgellons, call our toll-free number and our experienced (4+ years) counselors will help you through this nightmare.  We have seen thousands of Morgellons victims recover.  It is your turn now, so pick up your telephone and call this number now.

Within a month, most people experience remarkable healing like these pictures below

and this

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If you have Morgellons, there is hope.  You are NOT alone and we can help you find your way out of this Morgellons trap.


Morgellons; True Stories of Becoming Symptom-free [part 1]

The Melton Family Experience – Baby Born With Morgellons –NOW SYMPTOM-FREE!

Melton Family      November, 2006

The Melton family, symptom-free

“My husbands has had Morgellons now for what he thinks is about 10 years. We are positive that I now have it and our 18 month old daughter has this as well. We just discovered that our daughter had this about 6 days ago and she has been on the NutraSilver since the first day that we noticed it on her.  Although I think my daughter may have been born with this and the lesions are just now starting to appear.

She twitches and tosses and turns at night, is not eating well and has very sore lesions in her nose, ears, face, chest, bottom and legs. In just 6 days of taking the NutraSilver she has begun to improve dramatically. The lesions have gone from huge red mosquito looking with scabs to just tiny little scabs. She has the hardest time at night so we have been leaving all the bright lights on in the house all night and that seems to help her be able to sleep more comfortably. The Silver is really helping her a lot. I do not know what we would do with out this stuff.

Our computer totally crashed and we had to purchase a new one. We ended up taking all the carpet and all the old linens out of our home and trashing them at the dump. Mike has been soaking in hot baths and taking the silver and has no more symptoms. Sydney is completely healed and so am I. We believe that our home was infested and after removing everything and completely redoing our home with concrete flooring and getting all new linens in the whole house we are all feeling normal again!!!!! We continue to take the silver as a supplement although. We all came down with either the flu or a stomach virus, took the silver as soon as we noticed the symptoms and we were all feeling great and healthy again within 12 hours!!!

Update January 26, 2007

Before and after using NutraSilver

I do not know if I told you this before but we took all the carpet and bedding out of our house and burned and trashed what we could not burn. As soon as the carpet was out of the house and Mike continued to take NutraSilver his symptoms started to disappear. I hate to think that they were living in the carpet but I guess it was possible. We purchased all new sheets, etc. and continue to launder them every morning, just to be safe. We never want to see those awful things in our home or bodies again!

Things are wonderful here! Sydney is 100% herself again and doing wonderful. I have no signs or symptoms as well. Mike is also doing wonderful. He has no lesions or crawling sensations. We still have 2 bottles of the silver and we all take 10 drops in a glass of water every morning, just to help our bodies out.

We cannot believe how wonderful we feel. We have a lot of thanks to show to NutraSilver and try to get the word out there as much as possible.

My husband who has suffered for quite some time with this disease has no symptoms at all of this horrific disease. My daughter who we believe has had this all of her life or just started showing symptoms and few months ago is completely healed as am I. We continue for now to take the NutraSilver in the mornings in water and are proud to report that we are feeling “normal” again.

We have also used the NutraSilver in cases when we have come down with flu or stomach viruses and it only lasted 8-12 hours instead of days.

We are so thankful for NutraSilver and hope that everyone will spread the word out there so we can stop the suffering one family at a time.”

Would you like to know more about how to eliminate your Morgellons symptoms?

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If you wish to discuss how you can get your life back without Morgellons, call our toll-free number and our experienced (4+ years) counselors will help you through this nightmare. We have seen thousands of Morgellons victims recover. It is your turn now, so pick up your telephone and call this number now.

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