Morgellons and GMO’s

There is a conspiracy of selling out happening in America. Politics and personal interest it would seem determine government policies over and above health and safety issues. When President Obama appointed Michael Taylor in 2009 as senior adviser for the FDA, a fierce protest ensued from consumer groups and environmentalists. Why? Taylor used to be vice president for Monsanto, a multinational interested in marketing genetically modified (GM) food. It was during his term that GMO’s were approved in the US without undergoing tests to determine if they were safe for human consumption.

The danger of GMO’s

The question of whether or not genetically modified foods (GMO’s) are safe for human consumption is an ongoing debate that does not seem to see any resolution except in the arena of public opinion. Due to lack of labeling, Americans are still left at a loss as to whether or not what is on the table is genetically modified. This lack of information makes the avoiding and tracking of GM foods an exercise in futility. Below are just some of the food products popularly identified to be genetically modified:

The GMO link to strange disease

As early as 2008, we reported about a condition called Morgellon’s disease. The article went on to report the symptoms of the disease as follows: crawling, stinging, biting and crawling sensations; threads or black speck-like materials on or beneath the skin; granules, lesions. Some patients report fatigue, short term memory loss, mental confusion, joint pain and changes in vision. Furthermore, there have been reports of substantial morbidity and social dysfunction leading to a dip in work productivity, job loss, total disability, divorce, loss of child custody and home abandonment.

Prior to its reporting, the condition was dismissed as a hoax, but upon further investigation, the evidence pointed out that the disease was real and may be related to genetically modified food.

Despite this link being established, the CDC declared Morgellon’s disease of unknown origin. Worse, the medical community could not offer any information to the public regarding a cause for the symptoms.

When a research study was conducted on fiber samples taken from Morgellons patients, it was discovered that the fiber samples of all the patients looked remarkable similar. And yet, it did not seem to match any common environmental fiber. When the fiber was broken down, and it’s DNA extracted, it was discovered to belong to a fungus. Even more surprising was the finding that the fibers contained Agrobacterium, a genus gram-negative bacteria with the capacity of transforming plant, animal and even human cells.

Morgellon’s disease is not the only condition associated with genetically modified foods. A growing body of evidence has shown that it may cause allergies, immune reactions, liver problems, sterility and even death. Moreover, based on the only human feeding experiment conducted on genetically modified food, it was established that genetic material in genetically modified food product can transfer into the DNA of intestinal bacteria and still continue to thrive.

Heeding the warning

Time and again, the American Academy of Environmental Medicine (AAEM) has warned that GMOs pose a serious threat to health, and it is no accident that there can be a correlation between it and adverse health effects. In fact, the AAEM has advised doctors to tell their patients to avoid GMOs as the introduction of GMOs into the current food supply has correlated with an alarming rise in chronic diseases and food allergies.

This should come as no surprise. More than 30 years ago a food supplement called L-trytophan killed 100 people and affected 5,000 to 10,000 more. The cause was narrowed down to the genetic engineering process used in its production. If the symptoms had not had three simultaneous characteristics – namely, they were unique, acute and fast-acting – the disease could never have been identified.

If science could assure us with certainty that serious consequences do not wait for us at the end of the line, it might be to our best interest to let this opportunity pass. Progressive thinking in terms of profit is certainly not wrong. But to brush off precaution on the convenient argument that there is not enough evidence to prove that GM food is indeed harmful is sheer irresponsibility. It certainly is a lame excuse to offer in the event that GM foods are indeed proven to contain health hazards.

NutraSilver® is a Fast and Effective Morgellons Disease Treatment

What our customers tell us is when taking NutraSilver®, they heal and they heal quickly. We are not medical professionals; we are distributors trying to help people. We appreciate the dozens and dozens of testimonials from grateful

people who use NutraSilver® to treat their Morgellons disease and who after a few weeks have gone back to their previous lives without their non-healing lesions, brain-fog or most of the other debilitating symptoms. We sincerely hope you will try NutraSilver® and experience for yourself the amazing healing.

If you have Morgellons disease, you know this is not a skin disease. You know that Morgellons DISEASE is deep within your body and you know intuitively that the only way to treat Morgellons disease is from the inside. Pushing it out makes more sense than covering it up with skin creams and lotions, right?

Safe and Guaranteed To Work on Your Morgellons Symptoms

With our well-known and respected 60-day money-back guarantee, there is no risk to you when you buy NutraSilver.  Carefully tested in an FDA-certified lab, NutraSilver® demonstrated zero toxicity so NutraSilver® is safe to take.

NutraSilver® is proven safe to use. Argyria is a mostly a thing of the past and was the result of taking silver who’s particle size were far too large but mostly because the silver contained silver salts and silver chlorides and other impurities. NutraSilver® is 100% pure silver and scientifically engineered clustered distilled water. Nothing else. There has never been one case of argyria from the use of NutraSilver®. 


The Benefits and Risks of Colloidal Silver

What is colloidal silver?

Colloidal silver products are liquids that contain minute silver particles, the same type of silver that is used in jewelry and traditional dental filings. They are dietary supplements taken orally to assist in the treatment of many conditions, from Morgellons and Lyme disease to water purification and food poisoning. Toxins are ingested every day, from the food and beverages we ingest to the air we breathe. Many food products have been treated with chemicals that genetically alter them from their natural state. Our bodies do not know how to digest these chemicals. As a result, we may feel tired and run down.

How Does colloidal Silver React in the Human Body?

In more serious cases we get very ill, with unusually high body temperatures and the inability to keep food in our stomachs. Colloidal silver products have been developed to reach every area of the body to destroy the toxins hiding there, such as bacteria, viruses and any other single celled pathogen. This is done without harm to the naturally occurring enzymes and other chemicals that are essential to maintaining balanced body chemistry. As a result, energy levels increase and we are able to concentrate better. When our immune system is given a boost, we live healthier, more active lives.

How Long have People Used Colloidal Silver?

Silver has been used as an antiseptic and disinfectant for decades. It kills bacteria in wounds and is used in dressings to treat eternal infections. Colloidal silver is developed using the latest technologies to purify the silver making it safe for internal use. The key to the potency and effectiveness of the product lies in the size of the particles. There are many products that enable users to manufacture similar products at home. However, the dosage and manufacturing instructions are frequently not followed. This causes more harm than good. With so much potential risk, most users choose to purchase products that are certified for zero toxicity.

Can Colloidal Silver Kill Water-borne Pathogens?

There are many dangerous pathogens in drinking water in much of the world. In developing countries, colloidal silver is used to clean the water for drinking and for rinsing fresh fruits and vegetables. Many backpackers and international travelers carry this type of product to ensure their water is safe to drink, no matter where they are. These products are odorless and tasteless, and have no proven adverse reactions with medications. When used consistently, it may help improve digestion, and prevent colds. For more information on the benefits of using NutraSilver, visit our web site.

Candida: The Largely Unknown Health Epidemic Affecting Almost ALL Americans

How Many People Are Infected With Candida?

Research from Rice University shows that 70% of all people are affected by candida, a systemic fungal

Candida in the form of Athletes Foot

infection. According to the molecular biologists at Rice University, candida is common in humans and is often found in colonies in their intestines, mouths or on their skin.

A Harvard University fellow in infectious disease, Julia Koehler, found that candida is the predominant fungal infection behind human disease. According to Koehler, candida was responsible for 60% of the fungal infections acquired in hospitals, killing 1 in 3 people with a bloodstream infection.

How Do I know if I have Candida?

Below is listed some of the most common symptoms of candida. Please note these symptoms are also in many other disorders as well – making diagnosing this problem even more difficult.

  • Fatigue and chronic fatigue
  • Muscle aches, weakness or paralysis
  • Insomnia
  • Pain and/or swelling in joints
  • Constipation or diarrhea
  • Bloating, belching, intestinal gas and/or abdominal pain
  • Poor memory, foggy thinking or feeling “spacey”
  • Troublesome vaginal itching, burning or discharge
  • Prostatitis
  • Loss of sexual desire or feeling
  • Endometriosis or infertility
  • Impotence
  • Bad breath
  • Frequent mood swings

What can i do about my vaginal yeast infection?

Vaginal Yeast Infections – More Serious Than You Think

A woman who has vaginal yeast infections is led to believe (from popular television commercials) that the problem is only in her birth canal or is an unsightly infection on her toenails. In fact, these are merely “symptoms” of an infection that is actually in her bloodstream. If she should become pregnant her unborn baby is also at risk.

Some women who never have vaginal infections believe they are free of the problem when indeed they will have differing symptoms manifesting in other ways.

Much More Medical Training Needed for Healthcare Professionals

Even doctors themselves are not trained to understand how serious and prevalent fungal infections

I never would have guessed a candida infection...

are. In medical school, physicians are taught that fungal infections can take lives if they become acute. They are taught to prescribe the “safest and most effective” drugs for a condition or set of symptoms and for fungal infections they will certainly prescribe ‘the drug of choice” in a billion dollar spectrum of anti-fungal drugs.

Unfortunately, these drugs have side effects and create an acidic condition in your body.

Typical anti-fungals prescribed for candida and their side effects are:

Nystatin – side effects: itching, irritation, burning, diarrhea, upset stomach, stomach pain, skin rash.
Diflucan (fluconazole) – side effects: liver damage, an allergic reaction (difficulty breathing, closing of throat, swelling lips, tongue or face, hives), yellowing of skin or eyes, abdominal pain, unusual fatigue, dark urine, rash, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, headache, dizziness, itching.
Nizoral (ketoconazole) – side effects: headache, dizziness, abdominal pain, impotence, rash, itching, nausea and/or vomiting and blood count abnormalities. A reaction resulting in serious lowering of the blood pressure and shock (anaphylaxis), depression and hair loss are reported as rare side effects.

After reading about these side effects, how do you feel about taking drugs?

New drugs are NEVER about money

The search for stronger and stronger anti-fungals continues because the fungi have the ability to mutate. Current anti-fungals are becoming ineffective. While modern medicine is beginning to see that fungi/yeast are truly serious opponents and that all drugs have side effects therefore not popular options for many of us, they still do not understand the power of diet to control these infections. Modern medicine is still not taking into account the need to reestablish our connection with Great Nature and harmonize with Her to truly heal.

Nourishment as Healing

More and more adults with candida are giving birth to more and more children with candida. An entire generation predisposed to candida will be craving sugar in some form to feed the yeast. Just as you feel terrible when you have a viral infection, you understand what it’s like to have a fungal infection. Imagine starting out your life with a fungal infection. How is it possible to lead a happy, fulfilling life in pursuit of your dreams?

It’s critical to go on an anti-fungal diet for healing fungal infections, like candida.

Remember, unprocessed non-GMO food?

  • Is totally sugar-free, gluten-free, casein free and won’t feed the candida.
  • Includes fermented foods and drinks to build your inner ecosystem.
  • Is an antidote to harmful effects of antibiotics.
  • Provides minerals, which candida robs from your body.
  • Heals digestion – poor digestion further feeds the yeast.

Candida Albicans, a New, Safe and Effective natural Way Out


Lucy    April 8, 2009

“I must have gone to the Doctor 4 or 5 times and used every medicine he gave me for Candida. I was on Steroid pills, antibiotics, creams… you name it. Months went by and it just seem to get worse.”

“I finally did some research on the internet and ran across a website called NutraSilver.  I first applied it on the spots and after 4 days or so, the spots started going away. However, I had to end up covering my entire lower legs in NutraSilver® to keep the Fungus from relocating. It took about 2 full weeks to completely go away, BUT It is gone…And I am so Thankful. What a nightmare!!!!”


NutraSilver is Non-toxic To Human Cells, Yet Lethal to Pathogens

Toxicity is important to know before you begin to take any Dietary Supplement or medicine.  It is wonderfully assuring to know from these and many other tests that NutraSilver® has ZERO toxicity and cannot harm you in any way.

  1. According to the EPA, who is charged with defining safe levels of any mineral in water used for ingestion or drinking, “the oral consumption of small amounts of silver in water on a daily basis poses no significant degree of risk.”
  2. The U.S. Government’s Center for Disease Control confirmed in 1995 that there has never been any allergic, toxic or carcinogenic reaction to colloidal silver.
  3. Colloidal Silver appears to be safe and non-toxic to the human body.

Brain-fog, Depression and Fatigue; Gone Quickly

For many Candida sufferers, the worst symptoms are depression, fatigue and brain fog; they report that they feel ‘disembodied’ like they are not themselves or are ‘outside’ themselves. Candida brain fog causes Candida disease sufferers to become unable to remember what they said or did just a moment ago.

In FDA-certified in-vitro lab tests, the findings were astonishing; NutraSilver® killed over 7.8 billion cells of Candida Albicans in under 60 minutes.  Give NutraSilver® a try; we offer a 60-day money-back guarantee, so you have nothing to loose and everything to gain.

Morgellons: Delusions of Parasitosis (DOP) and What the Medical Profession Concludes

Dermatologist Describe DOP

Delusional parasitosis (DP) is the most frequent delusional disorder in dermatology. In DP there is a fixed belief

Clueless Doctor

of a usually skin-related invasion or infestation by a number of alleged infectious species (usually parasites and bacteria), whose identity has varied over the decades. Since 2002 worldwide an increasing number of patients have complained of unverifiable fibers and filaments in or on the skin, associated with numerous nonspecific complaints (arthralgias, altered cognitive function and extreme fatigue). This entity has been named “Morgellons disease” by the patients themselves, although medical evidence for its existence is lacking. As an example, we discuss a 55-year-old woman who complained of Morgellons disease and was treated as if she had DP. Currently the delusional assumption of infestation with Morgellons should be considered as a new type of DP with some kind of inanimate material. We therefore recommend in case of DP including Morgellons the use of the broader term “delusional infestation”.

Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO)

Just say NO ti GMO

If we are what we eat, we do not know what we are eating, or the consequences of playing around with the genes of what we eat. Isn’t there a possibility that there are potential dangers involved in consuming the unknown? How safe is transgenic food and is there a connection with Morgellons Disease? We name the culprit: Agrobacterium tumefasciens.

Morgellons Disease was labelled by Mary Leitao, a biologist in Boston whose two-year-old son developed sores on his lips and complained that he felt bugs crawling under his skin, before skin lesions broke out with fibers coming out of them, accompanied with the sensation of biting and stinging…Mary Leitao chose the name from the Letter to a Friend written by Thomas Browne in 1690 in which he described an illness which affected children in Languedoc, France, called the Morgellons, who broke out with “harsh hairs on their backs”.

The medical system in the USA considered Mary Leitao to be in need of psychiatric assessment and found nothing wrong with her son…however his condition persisted and open sores broke out all over his body. Similar cases with the same symtoms have over the last decade swept across the USA, and the incidence has accompanied the increased use of transgenic foodstuffs and the spread of transgenic crops.

Morgellons Disease From Dental Work?

Dr. Amin discusses “ Delusional Parasitosis” or Neuro-cutaneous Syndrome (NCS), and Morgellons. In his practice he has been seeing an increasing number of patients with pathogenic bacterial and fungal infections associated with recurrent open skin sores/lesions and with crawling and tingling (pin prick) sensations, often interpreted as and confused with presence and movement of parasites under the skin and in body cavities. The presence of parasites could not be substantiated upon thorough testing. Patients were classified by health care practitioners as delusional. They were found to represent, however, genuine clinical cases but not of parasitic infections. His studies of a few hundred patients over more than 10 years have led to the description of a new disease, Neuro-cutaneous Syndrome (NCS), a dental toxicity disorder caused by the use of incompatible dental materials including, but not limited to, liners, bases, sealants, adhesives, composites, and cements during routine dental procedures (i.e. root canals, fillings). NCS is an epidemic in disguise.

Placating Morgellons Patients

Morgellons disease has recently been given much attention on the internet and in the mass media. The present authors believe that many of these patients may benefit from being treated as those with delusions of parasitosis, but that there is some utility in the use of the diagnostic term. The present authors discussed the potential benefit of using the term as a means of building trust and rapport with patients to maximize treatment benefit. They also suggested a therapeutic paradigm of “meeting the patient halfway” and creating a therapeutic alliance when providing dermatologic treatment by taking their cutaneous symptoms seriously enough to provide both topical ointments as well as antipsychotic medications, which can be therapeutic with these patients. Lastly, the Medical Profession is aware of the importance of keeping their minds open to the possibility of yet undefined organic conditions that may exist. It is the present author’s hope that suggestions in this paper prove useful for the care and treatment of these patients.

Could This be a Physiological Problem?

Got Morgellons? I think you are nuts!

The theory of Delusional Parasitosis Morgellons also explains the compulsive nature of Morgellons patients to scratch their skin, often to the extent of harming themselves, making their skin prone to cracking or developing sores. Delusional parasitosis isn’t easy to cure since the patient is totally convinced about the presence of parasites in the body. It requires the combined treatment involving the presence of a psychologist and a dermatologist. Many Morgellons patients are treated with antipsychotics that are known to curb the obsession induced by delusional parasitosis. Health specialists believing in Delusion Parasitosis Morgellons interpret Morgellons as a psychological problem that has no relation to controversial, speculated causes like chemtrails or environmental toxicity.

Everything You Have Read Here is Simply Untrue

Consider this: how could thousands of people around the world, without access to the Internet share the same exact delusion? The answer is simple; it is NOT POSSIBLE!  to have spoken to thousands of Morgellons sufferers who share the same physical symptoms such as black “pepper” flakes on their bedsheets every day, multicolored fibers growing out of their skin and some have horrible, non-healing lesions all over their bodies. This is real, physical evidence from thousands of Morgellons sufferers globally. There are, of course, many serious cognitive issues such as severe “brain fog”, chronic fatigue and depression.

There is Hope Now to Heal This Debilitating Disease

NutraSilver, a natural mineral, will eliminate Morgellons symptoms in about 4 weeks. Guaranteed!

Free Telephone Consultations

If you wish to discuss how you can get your life back without Morgellons, call our toll-free number and our experienced (5+ years working directly with Morgellons victims) counselors will help you through this nightmare.  We have seen thousands of Morgellons victims recover.  It is your turn now, so pick up your telephone and call this number now.

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