Morgellons: A hidden epidemic or mass hysteria? part 1

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This is the first in a 3 part series sharing a Morgellons sufferers experiences attending the 4th annual Morgellons conference in Texas this year.

It’s a mysterious condition that affects tens of thousands worldwide. But what is it?

Credits; everything in italics on this blog is attributed to Will Storr of the Guardian.

We believe Will Storr has done a fabulous service to the Morgellons Community by telling the real truth about this life-stealing infection and how the Medical Community at large is quick to dismiss the symptoms as Delusions of Parasitosis (DOP) without even a mere look.

Will, it is more like hundreds of thousands are symptomatic rather then tens of thousands. After five years of helping Morgellons sufferers we agree on most other points. Great job.

The Guardian, Saturday 7 May 2011

Optical image of what sufferers are adamant are morgellons fibres in skin samples – are…

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The Morgellons “2 Minute Self-Diagnosis”

If any two of these things is true for you, it’s likely you have Morgellons syndrome.

  • Do you have dark or black specks in your bed sheets or on your body when you wake up in the morning?
  • Do you feel a crawling, biting or scratching sensation or a movement under your skin anywhere on your body?
  • Do you have odd fibers growing from your skin that are clearly not your normal body hair?
  • Do you have chronic fatigue, brain fog or mood swings?

NOTE: Another common symptom is lesions or open sores that never heal. Though approximately 35% of people with Morgellons experience lesions, this is another dead giveaway.

Now that you have decided whether or not you have Morgellons, what can you do?

I hope that helps. This simple self-diagnosis has moved thousands of people along in their heroic journey to becoming free from this infection. If you’re wondering how this has all worked out for people, some Morgellons sufferers were kind enough to tell us their stories. You can find plenty of success stories here.

You might realize that the 2-minute self-diagnosis doesn’t cover all the symptoms you might be experiencing… and you’d be right.

We have helped thousands of Morgellons sufferers return to normal lives and so can you.

Morgellons Disease; Patient delusion — or medical confusion?

When Anet Greenley got sick four years ago, what upset her the most wasn’t the continual nosebleeds, the numbness in her limbs, or even the fact that her stool had turned green. What really bothered her was the fact that nobody would take her seriously.

My doctors all told me I was stressed out, that it was all in my head, that I was having panic attacks that upset my stomach,” says the 38-year-old Ottawa native. “Even some of my family told me it was in my head.’”

But Ms. Greenley knew she was genuinely sick — so sick that she had to quit the University of London and fly home from England. And several months later, after going from doctor to doctor, she finally found out she was right: She has multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS), a condition that makes her extremely sensitive, you could say allergic, to synthetic chemicals.

These days, Ms. Greenley can control her symptoms, as long as she avoids everything she reacts to: cologne, dryer sheets and car exhaust are just three irritants on a very long list. Other than that, though, there’s nothing much she can do. The syndrome is so new that doctors still don’t know what causes it — or how to treat it.

And Ms. Greenley is not alone. According to a Statistics Canada study released recently, more than one million Canadians are suffering from illnesses that are stumping their doctors.

The most commonly reported conditions are MCS, chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia (all of which affect twice as many women as men). Reports of a host of other mysterious diseases — such as Morgellons and vulvodynia — also seem to be increasing in both the United States and Canada.

What these disparate illnesses have in common is patients’ struggle not only to find a cure for baffling symptoms, but to establish legitimacy for their complaints. The causes of these conditions remain controversial — and many doctors continue to label symptoms as delusional.

Some of the skepticism patients encounter is understandable — especially when they claim to have something as bizarre as Morgellons disease. People who suffer from this affliction say they are plagued by constant itching, burning and crawling sensations, open sores that won’t heal, and strange “fibers” (black, white, blue and red) erupting from their skin.

Do these lesions look to be delusional to you?

Although at least 12,000 people have now registered with the Morgellons Research Foundation in the United States — including former Blue Jays pitcher Billy Koch — the vast majority of doctors do not consider Morgellons disease to be anything more than a textbook example of “delusions of parasitosis” or DOP, a psychiatric condition.

This is what Stan Skoumal’s dermatologist clearly thought was his problem. After waiting seven weeks for an appointment, the 54-year-old from Victoria says his symptoms were simply dismissed.

“The whole visit took 11 minutes, I received a seven-minute lecture about the wonders of the mind, I was given a psychotropic medication, and then I was out of there,” he says. “The man never came any closer to me than about 10 feet.”

Frustrated, Mr. Skoumal launched a lobby and support group called the Morgellons Society of Canada last fall. He avoids medical doctors and treats himself with baths, diets and exercise. And he combs blogs and chat rooms, where suffers have posted hundreds of amateur microphotographs of their skin showing their “fibers” and the parasites they believe have infected them.

Still, some medical professionals believe that such attempts — while addressing patients’ helplessness and anger at the reaction of conventional health practitioners — may do more harm than good.

“Interpreting things under microscopes are fraught with danger — you’ll find what you’re looking for,” Dr. Jay Keystone says. “Lie on your back and look at the clouds. It’s a good analogy.”

Dr. Keystone, who practices with the tropical medicine unit at Toronto General Hospital, has studied parasitic diseases for more than 30 years and has treated many patients with DOP, and a small number of whom claim to have Morgellons. “From time to time, I do see what they’re looking at, I do see the occasional ‘fibre,’ ” he says.

Morgellons – Airway Cleared in Two Days!

Mr. Phillip J.

“I have this dreaded disease called Morgellons; I could feel these glass like fibers in my throat and in my nose/sinuses.

My throat began bleeding as well as my nose. I did my research on the net.

To see if there were any cures / treatment. I discovered NutraSilver. I ordered some right away, by the time my order arrived my air way and sinuses were already beginning to close up with these fibers.

I was coughing and caging, it was terrible. I was beginning to panic. So when my order arrived I couldn’t open it fast enough. I put the drops in some bottled water I purchased gargled and drank it down. I felt the fibers loosen in my throat almost right away. I had also introduced NutraSilver in my nose and sinuses. One treatment started to clear my nasal passages. At first I started to swallow those loosened fibers way back in my throat but stopped swallowing and quickly began coughing them up and spitting them out instead. I kept this routine up until after a few days my throat and nasal passages cleared up. The only thing left was my lungs; for I kept coughing fibers up out of my lungs. It seems the NutraSilver was helping my immune system because I began feeling better as well. The crawling underneath my skin had all but stopped. I didn’t have the open soars with fibers growing out, my problem is mostly internal. I had some red welts / blotches on my left arm, it is the only thing I have left at this time, but clearing my lungs and throat was a life saver. To be able to breathe clean fresh air again and feeling so much better is heaven sent. It’s my personal believe that if I can stop any re-infection that perhaps NutraSilver can keep this disease so well under control it would be like not having the disease at all.”

Thank You NutraSilver!

How Do I Know If I Have MRSA? What Are the MRSA Symptoms?

Auto Draft

Skin Parasite Worm Morgellons

Confessions of a Lyme and Morgellons Victim

I. Symptoms

A. LLMD asked what symptoms brought me to him:

Pruritis (skin issues including crawling, lesions, biting; possible causes – staph, yeast, mycoplasma, leprosy, others) Night sweats (always a sign of infection; possible causes staph, tuberculosis) Restless legs syndrome (related, I think)
Severe spasms in feet, sometimes traveling up legs to body – terrifying

B. LLMD asked me if these symptoms are or have been present:

Brain fog (no)
Headaches (no)
Chronic fatigue (no)
Muscular aches (no) or spasms (yes)
Overall aches (no)
Sinus issues (yes until F-5 Mar 2011)
Lesions (yes until F-5 Mar 2011)
Depression (yes, in 1997)
Bulls eye rash (yes, in 90’s and again in 2009)

II. Neuro-Muscular Tests

A. Standing:
He had me walk three different ways. He had me stand and allow him to just observe my face (tells a doc a lot about us) He held my shoulders and leaned my body in every direction, alternating directions to see my body’s neurological response.
B. Sitting:
He had me push/pull with feet, quads, arms, shoulders etc.
He had me stick out my tongue and relax it. I felt it spasming! “You have
Twelfth Nerve Palsy,” he said, and at that point he diagnosed Lyme.

III. Causes.

A. Pruritis. Possible causes include staph, yeast, mycoplasma, leprosy, others. B. Night Sweats. 100% due to infection of some kind. Possibilities:
staph, yeast, mycoplasma, tuberculosis, other. I asked why Evening Primrose Oil controls. He asked what form I take. “Capsules.” Said EPO has antibiotic properties. Agreed it does not cure the infection though since I have to keep going back to the EPO to control the night sweats when they return.
C. Restless Legs Syndrome. Discussed. dn’t address directly. He said that many co-infections and related issues would clear up by using the antibiotic he prescribed (Minocycline).
D. Severe Spasms in Feet. Discussed. He said many co-infections and related issues would clear up by using the antibiotic he prescribed (Minocycline). Seemed fine with my taking a bone support supplement to control
E. Bulls Eye Rash. Occurs only in small percentage of cases.

IV. Co-Infections. Only remember discussing the ones I have seen discussed here. I know he covered others, though. Feels most will be addressed by the antibiotic he prescribed for the Lyme.
A. Babesiosis. Does not believe I have this.
B. Bartonella. Can’t remember if he thinks I might or might not have

V. Antibiotics. Lyme is an intracellular (within cell) disease, but most antibiotics do not work within cells, only outside them, and so will not touch Lyme.

VI. About Lyme.
* 112 known varieties of Lyme, each with a unique set of outcomes. Many never know they have it. Others experience debilitating symptoms almost from the moment of the bite.
* Turkey hunters sit at the base of trees. They also get bitten by ticks more often than they realize.
* 20% of ticks carry Lyme – not just deer ticks.
* For every five ticks that bite a turkey hunter, one carries Lyme.
* 100% of turkey hunters will contract one of the varieties of Lyme, but many will never know (the lucky ones).
* Patients previously diagnosed with delusory parasitosis but then treated for Lyme have gotten well from the Lyme regardless of their mental state.
* Ticks, like snakes, are active most of the year, if not all.
VII. Diagnosis.
* Diagnosis of Twelfth Nerve Palsy confirms Lyme.
* Immune system healthy.
VIII. Prescription. Minocycline 100mg oral capsule, one a day with food, without calcium. Take yogurt and or probiotics.

IX. Conclusion. The most important thing my new LLMD told me today is that Lyme is curable. He said that once we clear up the infections associated with Lyme, that may take care of my other issues (Morg). The second most
important one is that (and he smiled when he said it) I am definitely not crazy.

Morgellons; Is This The Real Cause?

Alternative cellular energy pigments mistaken for parasitic skin infestations by W. John Martin
Center for Complex Infectious Diseases, 3328 Stevens Avenue, Rosemead, CA 91770 USA

Dermatologists and psychiatrists occasionally encounter patients who believe they are infested with skin parasites. They may report seeing
threads, fibers and more solid appearing particles attached to their skin and hair, or appearing on clean bed sheets after sleeping. Some of the
particles move spontaneously suggesting a life form. Similar structures develop in long-term cultures of stealth-adapted viruses. They are
termed alternative cellular energy pigments (ACE pigments) since they appear to provide a non-mitochondria source of cellular energy that
can assist in cellular repair from the virus cytopathic effect (CPE). Particles obtained from the skin of stealth virus culture-positive patients
can also display auto-fluorescence and electrostatic properties. Some of the particles are magnetic and can generate gas in an aqueous
solution. They also lead to the production of lipid-like crystals similar to those produced in long-term cultures of stealth-adapted viruses. It is
proposed that skin-derived particles that form in some of the patients assumed to be experiencing a delusional parasitosis are, in reality, a
reflection of the body’s production of ACE pigments.

Over the last several years, I have encountered several
patients who have described unusual solid and thread-like
particles arising from their skin and which occasionally
appeared to move spontaneously, as if alive. The patients
were concerned that they may be infected with some form of
skin parasite. Other patients have noted unusual particles in
their bed sheets, and in bath water that has been undisturbed
for several hours following bathing. One patient who slept on
a magnetic mattress noted that some of the particles were
attaching to the mattress as if they were magnetic. Several of
these patients were also being seen by psychiatrists and were
given a clinical diagnosis of delusional parasitosis (Bhatia et
al. 2000; Goddard, 1995; Zomer et al., 1998).
The particles collected by these patients were morphologically
similar to structures that form in long-term

Morgellons – Coming Soon To A Loved One Near You?


By Cliff Mickelson


The issue of Morgellons contagion has recently emerged as a source of increasing worry among professional researchers. Contagion also remains a source of high anxiety and life altering concern among those suffering from the ravages of this nightmare affliction.


Since the beginning of the decade, the reported numbers of Morgellons cases have shown a consistent and alarmingly relentless increase.   Registration data maintained by the Morgellons Research Foundation reveals a pronounced and disturbing spike in reported cases in just the last several years.  These numbers cannot be explained away as simply ”increased” public awareness.  


Well over ten thousand reported Morgellons cases are now extant in the MRF data base. Yet, these statistics may well prove to be the proverbial tip of the “contagion” iceberg.  It is estimated by some knowledgeable researchers that the true numbers of active Morgellons cases around the world could exceed the number of reported cases by a ratio of more than one hundred to one.  The number of passive cases (non-symptomatic) may possibly defy quantification.


How Morgellons vectors itself remains poorly-understood partially due to the fact that, not unlike HIV, it often appears to have an incubation period that can range from a number of months to a number of years. Nonetheless, the statistics remain undeniable. Morgellons is NOT contagious. Morgellons is not the result of “spontaneous” infection nor “immaculate conception. 


It is important to remember that the debilitating psychological, emotional manifestations of Morgellons are the quantitative “effect” of its advancement and not the cause of its “symptomology.”  Like syphilis and chronic Lyme disease, Morgellons manifests itself physiologically, and in its advanced stages, psychologically.  


Whatever the original genesis of Morgellons may have been, evidence increasingly indicates that the propagation of Morgellons is enabled by a wide variety of environmental, mechanical, and human factors. It is thoroughly documented that body secretions of victims are highly contaminated with the produce and forms of this parasitic affliction. Extended contact with these secretions is likely a primary source of new infection. 


Morgellons may not limit itself to simply one method of propagation. Once established, this mutant pathogen appears to be an equal opportunity employer of a number of independent vectors. Free standing sticky traps often collect the Morgellons fibers in open air venues, thus indicating a possible air-born potential.  Certain agricultural products as well as many Insects are often contaminated by Morgellons and have been implicated as potential secondary vectors. Mosquitos, fleas, spiders and other biting insects also seem to have the frightening ability to transfer Morgellons to a new host. 


Interestingly enough, it has been well-documented that Morgellons, in its advanced stages, attacks and kills many insects who have initially served to vector it. Morgellons regularly infects cats, dogs and other animals with which humans come into daily contact.  Morgellons is particularly hard on cold blooded animals. It has been known to quickly kill lizards and amphibians. With this in mind, it is safe to assume that human contact with these secondary sources of infection can serve to further inculcate the infection.


On one point we must be clear: Morgellons is no longer an emerging plague. It is an established plague. It is spreading through all strata of society at a terrifying rate. Morgellons, as such, has the proven capability to take a fearsome toll on the productive capacity of society at large.


Morgellons is now documented on every populated continent on planet Earth. The opportunity to quarantine the pathogen in its infancy has unfortunately been squandered by a morally compromised and intellectually bankrupted guild of self=serving and arrogant medical monopolists. As a result, Morgellons is now going mainstream…and it is doing so with a vengeance.


Rest assured…Morgellons is coming soon…to a loved one near you.

Need immediate AMorgellons relief?

Follow this link to learn how to eliminate your Morgellons sympotoms.

Candida Totally Destroyed Using Colloidal Silver and NO Antibiotics!

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Colloidal Silver Candida Treatment

Prescription antibiotics used to fight infections kill all bacteria indiscriminately, including the friendly bacteria that keep fungi such as Candida in check. Two popular and natural means to rid the body of Candida infections are to change the body’s PH through diet, or to treat the affected area either topically or internally, using a colloidal silver Candida treatment.

Candidiasis is an over abundance of naturally occurring yeast that grows into a fungal infection when an environment is created that allows the yeast to bloom. Friendly aerobic bacteria present in the body generally act to control the level of this yeast. Audiophiles is a common example that may become lacking due to dietary restrictions. Diabetics are particularly afflicted as their above normal sugar levels can provide an over abundant food source for the yeast.

Untreated, internal Candida in the intestinal tract can build up to levels that…

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