MD’s: What Gives them the Right to Diagnois Morgellons Sufferers as Phyciatric Patients?

I have been involved in Morgellons relief for 5 years now. During that time, I have run into so many questions that remain unanswered while the suffering and death continue with no end in sight;

  1. What is Morgellons?
  2. How did I get it?
  3. Where is the US government help or support?
  4. Why is there no meaningful research being done?
  5. What medical tests are there to detect Morgellons?
  6. How many kinds of Morgellons are there?
  7. Which Doctors should I see and which are just in it for the money?
  8. How do MD’s get away with making a psychiatric diagnosis when that is the purview of Psychiatrists?
  9. Why is the CDC delaying releasing their report so much?

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