Morgellons Destroyed Along With Colds & Flu

Sharon Morgellons  April 28, 2009

Hi Everyone,

This is a small group as it is quite young so far and hopefully we will get more people on here talking about their experiences.

I just went and bought my second shipment of NutraSilver from the US, I live in Australia so it costs quite a bit. I don’t have Morgellans touch wood, well I don’t have any symptoms. I need

Morgellons Lesions Before and After Using NutraSilver

to get hold of some red wine etc and do it just to see. I bought this product in the first instance over 12mths ago for something else.

I use NutraSilver® with a nebulizer to fight flu’s, coughs, colds and sore throats. I use 1-2 drops with 5mls of distilled water in the nebulizer bowl and then breathe in the mist. Last year this worked for me, no coughs when everyone else was coming down really bad with bugs.

I thought it may have been something that was mind over matter but I have since proven it wasn’t. A family relation does in home nursing for people with all variety of ailments and she picks up all sorts of bugs, recently she was under major stress which would not help at all with her husband in hospital in intensive care with staph infections in a leg/foot that had recently been pinned and plated. Well we nearly lost him and it was touch and go, luckily he has pulled through and is now home.

Nebulizing NutraSilver for Colds & Flu

She mentioned to me that she was coming down with something flu like. Immediately I had my nebulizer and NutraSilver® sent in to her for her to use it. She normally comes down with a hacking cough quite regularly as one patient in particular continually has the flu plus her health is not 100% and she should be retired. Well she used it twice and didn’t get the flu.

Co-incidence I don’t think so. At the first hint of any respiratory problems I grab for nebulizer and the NutraSilver.

With this swine flu thing they are all on about, I honestly believe if they put all the people with symptoms on a nebulizer with NutraSilver and made them drink lots of water, they would have this thing sorted a lot more quickly.

Well that’s my opinion and I just wish I knew about this years ago as my grandmother would still be alive, she died from some kind of bug in the lungs which made grey phlegm and could only be killed or made better with oxygen so they said but her lungs started closing over. She ended up with a system that was toxic due to all the drugs they had her on and something so simple I believe could have helped.

If this helps even one person then it has been worth my time typing this on here.

Cheers Sharon
April 28, 2009

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