Morgellons Suicide; Don’t Do it!!!

Morgellons Sufferers; Suicide is a Permanent Solution
to a Temporary Problem

I know it does not seem there is any way out of this relentless, monstrous disease.  You have tried everything and nothing worked.  You went to the doctor.  You went to the dermatologist. Nothing worked. All any of them would tell you is that Morgellons is Delusions of Parasitosis (DOP) so now you have been branded a “nut case” on your permanent medical record.

No Real Solutions on the Internet

You went on the Internet and read about lotions, potions, so-called miracle cures and the like.  You paid out the nose for these products and nothing provided you with any real relief. Your family and friends think you are crazy because the doctor told them that you are.  The doctors prescribed psychotropic drugs.  Some of you actually took them and you did not experience any relief.  Some of you were smart enough to know that you are not nuts and you refused to take the drugs. yet you still suffer with the relentless biting, scratching, lesions, loss of energy and “brain fog”.

About Half of You Got Lesions Too

The lesions are the worst for women, especially if they are on your face or neck.  You simply will not go out in public. You are afraid that you will spread this disease to others so you “cocoon” in your homes, never venturing out in public.  You become isolated and lonely.  Fear of this never-ending infection keeps you paralyzed from going anywhere or doing anything. It feels like your life is over, but is it?

So Now What?  What is Left to Do?

Feeling completely hopeless, you consider suicide. You really do no want to die, you just want this nightmare and pain and suffering to be over. Then you think about what impact suicide might have on your family and loved ones. You feel trapped, isolated and without hope.  So now what?

You Do What Thousands of Morgellons Sufferers Have Done

You call us.  We have done over 500 suicide preventions in over five years. As far as we know, we have not lost even one Morgellons sufferer to suicide.  Why?  BECAUSE THERE IS A WAY OUT! Thousands of Morgellons sufferers owe their lives to NutraSilver, a natural mineral that drives Morgellons out of you body from the inside. Taken orally and following instructions carefully results in the elimination of Morgellons symptoms in a few short weeks. Really.

What Happens When You Take NutraSilver for Morgellons?

If you follow the instructions, this is what the majority of Morgellons sufferers experience:

  1. “Brain Fog” is gone in about 2 weeks and you begin to think and reason clearly again

  2. Your energy returns returns in the same amount of time

  3. The biting and scratching feelings stop and you begin to leave your skin alone

  4. Your lesions, if you have any, dry up and fall off, usually with about 3 weeks

  5. The fibers begin to fall off and no new one emerge

Your Morgellons Nightmare is Over

You no longer think about suicide and eventually you begin to forget Morgellons and you return to your previous self and go on living. If you are a Morgellons sufferer, you no longer need to suffer!  Really.  We even guarantee that you will get the results that you want or we will honor our 60-day money-back guarantee and refund your money.

Morgellons Sufferers; You Are the Reason for Us Being Here

We care so much about helping Morgellons sufferers that we take calls on weekends and holidays. You are important to us and we really do care about you. We spend hours and hours on the phone helping, encouraging and assuring you that there is a way out for you.  Please give us the chance to be there for you.  Even if you don’t get NutraSilver, we will talk to you and most importantly, we will LISTEN to you since we know that most of you really have no one who understand what you are going through. Call us and allow us to support you in ways that really do make a difference.

Need More Proof?

These are actual pictures of Morgellons lesions, before NutraSilver and after NutraSilver

Free Morgellons Telephone Consultations

If you wish to discuss how you can get your life back without Morgellons, call our toll-free number and our experienced (5+ years working directly with Morgellons victims) counselors will help you through this nightmare.  We have seen thousands of Morgellons victims recover.  It is your turn now, so pick up your telephone and call this number now.

888-240-2326 Option #2


Morgellons Economics; Who Wins and Who Looses?

I have spoken to well over 1,000 Morgellons sufferers in the past 4 years during my direct involvement with Morgellons Disease.  Most are ordinary people from every walk of life while some are medical professionals themselves infected with

this disease or care for those who suffer.

Morgellons Disease is characterized by these symptoms: non-healing lesions, ‘brain fog’, depression often leading to suicide, multi-colored fibers growing from their skin and most disconcerting, the relentless sensation of being bitten on and under their skin. The Morgellons Research Foundation, located on the campus of Oklahoma State University, states that there are approximately 93 typical symptoms and each individual with Morgellons has some but not all of these symptoms.

Most Morgellons victims tell the same story; they are diagnosed with Delusions of Parasitosis (DOP) and labeled permanently in their medical record as having ‘Mental Health Issues”.  Most doctors will not even look at the lesions and tell their patients to “stop scratching yourself.” Those who are prescribed medication through misdiagnosis spend a great deal on medications that effectively do nothing for them.  Many follow the message boards on the Internet and desperately chase lotions, potions, chemical and herbal remedies only to experience no improvement. Those who suffer the longest often tell me of how the medical profession takes their money and all they get is worse.

Many Morgellons victims tell the story of how they have lost their jobs, homes, savings, and family and just about everything else trying to get relief. They feel alone and isolated and often ‘cocoon’ in their homes. I hear this far too often. Some call me crying out of desperation and loneliness; it breaks my heart.

Most medical practitioners seem to be into Morgellons treatment just for the money.  There is a PhD in Los Angeles who knows of an effective treatment but does not use it because she does not make any money on it.  There is a Nurse-Practioner from Texas whose medical license was suspended by the Texas Medical Board for prescribing antibiotics too frequently who now commutes to San Francisco under a California license to treat Morgellons patients.  She continues to administer antibiotics to Morgellons patients with no results.  She charges $500 for the initial visit. All the Morgellons patients received for their hard-earned money is they get worse.

Imagine, over 40 US Senators and Congresspersons have written to the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) requesting them to conduct an investigation into Morgellons.  It only took six years for them to begin their investigation in Oakland, California at Kaiser-Permanente Hospital with funding of a mere $338,000.  That amount of money is barely enough money to begin an investigation yet alone complete one. Their investigative conclusions are due in May, 2009.

As this infection continues to spread globally, little scientific attention is being paid to those who have Morgellons and suffer with no hope and no help from the established medical and scientific communities. Apparently, there are not enough people who suffer Morgellons for scientific research to make research financially beneficial to fund the research.  Today, only a very small handful of individuals and small organizations have attempted to discover the cause(s) and methods of disease contraction and transmittal of this mysterious disease. When I ask a half dozen scientists what Morgellons is, I get 6 different answers suggesting that no one really knows very much about this horrific disease.

Although every major US television network has reported on Morgellons, 99% of the medical profession and the general public have not heard of Morgellons.

This is exactly what happened 30 years ago when patients presented with symptoms also classified as ‘Delusional’ but is now well-known as AIDS/HIV.  Those early victims endured the same neglect and abuse as Morgellons victims do today; denial, labels of being delusional and general neglect.  Until enough people were infected, they were ignored by the mainstream medical community.

So what do Morgellons sufferers do to eliminate their suffering? They commit suicide as one of my friends did yesterday. We all have a responsibility to take care of each other.  Until enough people suffer from Morgellons, it will remain “unprofitable” to conduct real scientific research into this horrible pandemic disease. Clearly, the Winners are the suppliers of medical goods and services and the Losers are the Morgellons sufferers.

There is no need to continue to suffer when NutraSilver will eliminate it and allow you to return to the life you loved BEFORE Morgellons.  Come and see how simple it is to get your life back and go on with living and loving.

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Morgellons Healings; Certified Photographic Proof

All pictures below are of Connie’s lesions and their remarkable healing in about 4 weeks. She has been symptom-free of Morgellons for over 4 years. You can double-click on these pictures to see them close up.

right hand before and after using NutraSilver

Critters Emerging From Fingers

Other Forearm Recovered

Connie's Forearm before and after NutraSilver

Lesions Dry Up and Fall Off

Long Morgellons Fibers

Remarkable Healing, Don't You think?

If you have Morgellons, it is time to stop your suffering; here is where you can find out how.

Morgellons Eliminated – Relief for Morgellons Sufferers

The disease termed Morgellons has not been recognized by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), yet it is destroying thousands of lives all over the planet.  Those who report they have this disease also report a large number and variety of symptoms, such as extreme fatigue, pervasive pain in muscles and joints, memory loss, blurred cognitive function, open sores that will not heal, and filaments protruding from the body that can be white, black, green, red, blue, or even other colors.  Because doctors and scientists most often do not even admit this disease exists, getting Morgellons eliminated has been a major challenge, especially when they tell Morgellons sufferers that they are delusional and it is “all in your head”.

The CDC is conducting a study in Northern California on self-reported Morgellons patients and may be close to acknowledging this horrific illness.       continue reading…

Free Telephone Consultations

If you wish to discuss how you can get your life back without Morgellons, call our toll-free number and our experienced (4+ years working directly with Morgellons victims) counselors will help you through this nightmare.  We have seen thousands of Morgellons victims recover.  It is your turn now, so pick up your telephone and call this number now.

888-240-2326 Option #2

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