Morgellons; A New Zealand Success Story

Alan_B in New Zealand                                         April 1, 2009

Hi NutraSilver!

“The package arrived and I was really happy and grateful that you had put in an extra bottle!

Excitedly took my first dose and WOW!

I have had a “slug” of phlegm running down the back of my throat for 4-5 years that has never really moved, and also really clogged sinuses and ears… well within 3-5 minutes of having the first 30 drops I could feel the “slug” unhitching from the wall of my throat!!!! It was a very strange but welcome feeling, something like I’ve never felt before!!!

Well I’ve now had the 3x 30 drops for the first day and can honestly say that my energy levels are higher than normal and I seem to be more alert too.


About 7 years ago my children, partner and I were living in Auckland NZ and there was an outbreak of Canadian Painted Apple Moth. The NZ government ordered pesticide from the US and aerial sprayed it over the entire western part of Auckland city in a bid to wipe them out. This spraying continued for 8 weeks every day and affected 400,000+ people. This is where I believe I received my dose of agro-bacterium! The NZ government refused to release the chemical composition of the spray used as it was the “trade secret” of the supplier…. !@#$%^&*!!!

I think we are just seeing the first small outbreaks of what is going to be a huge global problem and I’d say NutraSilver is positioned to help a lot of suffering people regain their lives.

Personally I’ve even battled to get my partner, parents and friends to believe me so I can’t wait to prove them all wrong… after all if I didn’t have Morgellons then how the heck did Nutrasilver heal all the lesions of my legs and arms ;-)))”

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