Silver Toxicity Does Not Exist

In nearly four years of distributing NutraSilver globally, there have been no reports of toxicity from customers or medical practitioners. None.

Silver is a noble or transitional metal that humans have been using for millennium. There is zero toxicity in silver as is demonstrated by the FDA-certified invivo lab tests conducted on NutraSilver® and living mammals. Throughout thousands of years of human use of oral silver, there has not been even one case where the user was harmed.

  • If silver were toxic, would NASA use silver to purify and recycle water on every Space Shuttle flight? Of course not.

  • If silver were toxic, would we place it directly in the eyes of newborn children to prevent eye infection and blindness? Of course not.

  • If silver were toxic, would medical science use it in hospital burn wards to prevent bacterial, fungal and viral infections? Of course not.

  • If silver were toxic, would an estimated 10 million Americans take some form of colloidal silver every day if it were toxic?  Of course not.

There just is not any evidence to support the notion that silver is toxic or that it has any detrimental effect on human being’s health. None.

Certain Heath-care providers claim that silver is harmful to the human kidneys and liver. After hours of research, we have failed to find even one supporting fact that supports this unsubstantiated rumor.

Argyria (turning blue)

The World Health Organization states “The only obvious sign of silver overload is argyria, a condition in which skin and hair are heavily discolored by silver in the tissues. An oral NOAEL for argyria in humans for a total lifetime intake of 10 grams of silver was estimated on the basis of human case reports and long-term animal experiments.”

In order to reach 10 grams of NutraSilver® in the human body, one would have to ingest many thousands of bottles over a lifetime.  Do you know anyone who would do that?

The US EPA stated “”Many different silver products have been and are still being used throughout the medical industry. Up until the advent of chemical antibiotics, as we now know them, which came about in the 1940s, some very strong silver products were being used as antibiotics. Of the millions of people who used these concentrated silver products, there were no reported deaths and only 239 reported cases of generalized argyria.” ( EPA Report ECAO- CIN-026, January 1991, page VI-3).

Let’s be very clear here: we are speaking of colloidal silver, NOT colloidal silver compounds which are no longer in use. NutraSilver has exactly two ingredients:

  • Real silver from a silver mine

  • Clustered double-distilled water

Colloidal Silver Defined

Silver Ions and minute Silver Particles sized at between .0003 – .05 microns in diameter, which, in original state, are NOT bound to any other elements, are sustained in pure distilled water, and are not stabilized using proteins, salts, or other substances.

This definition is important for several reasons. Formulations in this state respond differently in the body than the silver compounds or stabilized ionic solutions, if for no other reason than the extreme difference in the concentration of actual silver. The mainstream belief that all “colloidal silver” should fall under the same classification is erroneous. Therefore, not all products can be equally considered when considering the risk of argyria.

There are two points to be made regarding this:

  • One, the amount of actual silver content in an “isolated” colloidal silver is truly negligible in comparison to silver compound products.

  • Two, it has not been demonstrated, nor should it be assumed, that “isolated” colloidal silver products respond in the same manner as do compounds in the human body.

However, careful examination of studies done with silver salts, compounds, and proteins can give a very clear idea of how much silver is required for toxicity in the human body (the most common manifestation being argyria).

Most of the material listed here regarding toxicity applies to silver in general, and is provided for the benefit of providing a complete knowledge base. The reader should always keep in mind that if isolated colloidal silver products DID respond in the body in the same manner as silver compounds, then there would be hundreds if not thousands of severe cases of argyria (a cosmetic condition) reported in the United States at this time.

How many ‘Blue’ people have you met?

It is estimated that 10 million Americans use colloidal silver routinely and there are approximately 300 million people in the USA, then one in 30 people would be blue. How many ‘Blue’ people have you met? Our guess is none.

There are a few people around that are blue because they seriously abused colloidal silver compounds in their home-brew concoctions. It is reasonably safe to say that if you were to buy ANY store-bought silver today, it would have silver ions or silver particles in the low-nano range, so it is impossible to get argyria from them.

Learn more about silver use and the many benefits of natural healing.

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