Colloidal Silver Myths Exposed

Colloidal Silver Dosage

The quantity of colloidal silver dosage should be strictly followed as it could lead to unexpected reactions or toxicity. Bacteria, fungi or viruses become resistant to various treatments when antibiotics are not used according to recommended guidelines. Suggested colloidal silver dosage, which is a food supplement and not an antibiotic, varies from one manufacturer to another. Since there are no conclusive studies about it, each company will have different strengths and suggested uses. First, when taking colloidal silver, the adage if a little is good a lot is better does not apply, do not use more than directed by the manufacturer, this will help prevent possible side effect such as argyria, which causes the skin to have a bluish hue.

The common colloidal silver dosage varies according to the potency of the formula. Some people use multiple

3600 PPM NutraSilver is lab-tested for safety

colloidal silver dosages wherein it is consumed three to four times in 24 hours; unless this is listed on the packaging it is not recommended. Aside from orally ingested colloidal silver, creams, sprays, gels and lotions may also be effective when they are applied externally to the affected area. Commercial preparations including silver sulfadiazine are available for treatment of infections and on burns, they may be available over the counter or require a prescription depending on location.

Colloidal silver dosage will vary according to the strength of the solution and should only be taken according to the manufacturers recommendations. For people who make their own colloidal silver it is highly recommended to do more research as the potency of the formula will likely be much higher than what is prepared commercially. Many cases of negative side effects such as argyria are linked to home made preparations. Commercially, the food supplement is available in different preparations, strengths, lotions, creams etc, at different drug stores and online stores. Before planning to purchase and consume colloidal silver, it is recommended to consult a physician so ensure that it will not interfere with prescribed medicines or create complications.

Colloidal silver has a long history including its use as a preservative and water treatment.  It’s use as an anti-microbial has lent itself to a holistic approach of enhancing the immune system to fight against invading bacteria, although it may only be promoted and sold as a health supplement. Colloidal silver nanoparticles travel throughout the cells when they are ingested. Various colloidal silver food supplements are present in the market today because it is thought to combat bacteria and protect healthy living cells.

Powerful Properties of Colloidal Silver

Before penicillin was discovered, silver was found out to be an effective treatment for infections. It was proven to kill 650 microorganisms or more.  Silver was historically considered to be available only to the elite. Recent studies revealed that silver or colloidal silver, in its’ newest form, leaves no antibiotic resistant mutations unlike penicillin. It is thought to possibly eliminate the presence of Staphylococcus aureus, streptococcus, salmonella and many others in the body. Colloidal silver nanoparticles may even destroy the multiple-drug resistant bacterial strains, like MRSA.

In addition to the silver’s antibiotic properties, it may also serve as an anti-fungal, wherein it could block the respiratory mechanisms of fungi, yeasts and molds. These pathogens can be treated with colloidal silver spray or creams; however it does not replace a visit with the doctor. On the other hand, colloidal silver has also been found to possibly be an anti-parasitic and anti-viral drug. It can kill parasites even at its’ egg-producing stages.  That is why some gardening, farming and household disinfectants have colloidal silver nanoparticles as it can kill parasites at their smallest form. Its effect as a catalyst may neutralize the enzymes of bacteria, virus, or fungi.

Colloidal silver gained popularity all over the world due to the benefits some people feel they have derived from its use.  There are many testimonies coming from different people that would support the effectiveness of the colloidal silver. However, some countries prohibit the selling of colloidal silver because it was found to be toxic to the human body in large quantities as well as lacking the official stamp of approval although it has been used for centuries.

Argyria (turning blue)

The World Health Organization states “The only obvious sign of silver overload is argyria, a condition in which skin and hair are heavily discolored by silver in the tissues. An oral NOAEL for argyria in humans for a total lifetime intake of 10 grams of silver was estimated on the basis of human case reports and long-term animal experiments.”

  • In order to reach 10 grams of NutraSilver® in the human body, one would have to ingest many hundreds of bottles over a lifetime.  Do you know anyone who would do that?The US EPA stated “Many different silver products have been and are still being used throughout the medical industry. Up until the advent of chemical antibiotics, as we now know them, which came about in the 1940s, some very strong silver products were being used as antibiotics. Of the millions of people who used these concentrated silver products, there were no reported deaths and only 239 reported cases of generalized argyria.”   (EPA Report ECAO- CIN-026, January 1991, page VI-3). NutraSilver ® has exactly two ingredients: 
    1. Real silver from a silver mine 

    2. Clustered double-distilled water 

How many ‘Blue’ people have you met?  Our guess is none.There are a few people around that are blue because they seriously abused silver COMPOUNDS in their home-brew concoctions, NOT COLLOIDAL SILVER! It is reasonably safe to say that if you were to buy ANY store-bought silver today, it would have silver ions or silver particles in the low-nano range, so it should be nearly impossible to get argyria from them unless seriously abused.

NutraSilver® Money-back Guarantee; We pledge to our customers that NutraSilver® will satisfy your reason for purchasing. Therefore, NutraSilver® comes with a money back guarantee for 60 days from shipment.

Common Cold Remedy?

  James_R       April, 2010

Sore throat, reduced antibiotic use and sinus remedy

“I have no tonsils due to my parents having them removed when I was a child and being a first line of defense I usually catch a few colds per year and most give me a bad bacterial infection and sore throat and I go to the doctor and get antibiotics for the throat but since being introduced to silver products, I rarely have to go the doctors anymore and too much antibiotics is not a good thing.

I have tried quite a few of the silver products out there and NutraSilver seems to be the most powerful I have tried, I can gargle with it and feel it working! Normally my colds seem to take 7-12 days to overcome and with NutraSilver sometimes it’s over in usually 6-8 days and the severity is not as bad.

I have also used it on skin sores and they heel quickly, and use it in a 4:1 ratio in a spray bottle for the nose as I often have sneezing attacks and it will clean out the sinuses quickly and stop sneezing. I do not want to be without NutraSilver and I do tell people about this product and that the makers offer a money back guarantee if not satisfied…So what do you really have to lose? “


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